Matchpool (GUP)

Investing in a digital coin without knowing their real life usefulness might not be the right thing to do. Matchpool (GUP) is a coin that will help you solve your day to day problems and earn from participating on their network. With the atomic swap option, the gem should be your next coin.

There are many Altcoins in the market today than six months ago and not all of them have been proven to deliver on their promises. Matchpool platform usability and GUP token sped-ability have been tested and is a sure bet for investors wishing to take their businesses and social life to a new direction.

Matchpool (GUP) Market

If price acts as a placeholder, the price of the token has the value proposition for you. The coin is currently very cheap and it seems like it is already taking off. Buying it today can be a wealthy decision for you in the long haul.

In the last 24 hours, the GUP coin has been able to gain 91.25% against the dollar, 86.03% and 75.25% against the BTC and ETH coins respectively. The coin is trading at $0.306318 at the time of going to press and this might increase.

The coin is rated top 10 gainers in terms of price and volumes in the backdrop of a very volatile market. If the January $1.26 high is anything to go by, the trends might usher a bull run stretch that will see the coin trade $1 by end of the second quarter.

Matchpool (GUP) Atomic Swap: What is Atomic Swap?

If you have been shuttling between many exchange platforms and blockchain systems, Matchpool (GUP) has will sort you out. The Atomic swap functionality enables you to transact across other chains from a single app. The application helps you exchange your digital assets without using a third party.

This is a trustless level playing ground that allows players transact on a contractual engagement. If you do not meet the requirement as a player in the pre- locked contract, your opponent gets refunded and you are not penalized. The process is secure and transparent.

Matchpool (GUP) Social Network Function

As a Matchpool participant, you have the ability to create social communities on the platform. With a sizeable fan base, you can earn through social activities and get rewarded with GUP tokens. There are no limits on the type of team you build as per your passion and field of choice.

The community uses a matchmaking model with two or more teams. The concept is to share useful information and meet your community individual goals. The platform offers you the best matchmaking tools that enable your group or community meets pre-defined goals.

Doctors can form a community on the platform to share and sold patient problems whilst getting paid. One practitioner can decide to create a pool and invite other practitioners in the same field. This way they will solve their professional problems while adding value to the entire network.  You earn digital coins or GUP and you can link your community to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Telegram or Slack and get valuable followers.

In a way, you are advertising your business or profession and at the same time, you are bringing more users to the Matchpool system where in returns adds value to the GUP coin. When the number of participants grows, the coin gains value since it becomes limited in the market and your reward value appreciates as well.

How to Benefits from Matchpool (GUP)

This is a practical project in the digital money markets that you can use to exchange digital asset using the atomic swap feature. The conversions are instant in a secured trusted setting.  Seamless transactions between multi-chains are the future of digital economy transactions.

Getting paid to network and socialize and increase your business presence online .This is a new concept of connecting same interest groups and individuals to take their interests to the next level and get paid to add value to the network for a sustainable future. Institutions and research centers can benefit from this innovative platform to exchange ideas that drives their goals to the next levels.

With further price surges anticipated, this is a coin to invest in. You get paid for all your activities and you can use the inbuilt atomic swap function to convert your earned tokens to digital assets. These are some of the reasons to buy Matchpool (GUP) tokens today.


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