Polymath (POLY) is one of the most innovative platforms in the crypto-sphere with clear cut goals; facilitate ease coordination between ICO’s and the potential investors. Secondly, make it easy for financial institutions seamlessly launch their services on the platform.  Polymath links other platforms together.

With the securities coins on the rise and arousing a lot of curiosity among digital currency enthusiasts, Polymath (POLY) has already partnered with Crowd Machine. This move will see institutions and individual partners create applications with prior coding knowledge.

This is a blockchain based platform with unique tools to support legally Compliant Securities Offerings. The system helps you trade securities tokens in a de-centralized market place. Before launching any Security Token Offering (STO), authentication is required and that is where the Polymath blockchain comes in.

How the Polymath Works

Polymath  is a platform that is fueled by the POLY tokens. This token runs all transactions within the network. All participants on the network are restricted into using the native token. Whether you want to develop an application or integrate your system to Polymath, use the POLY coin to make payments.

As an insurer, you are charged with a small POLY token fee to develop custom securities tokens. To get your securities tokens approved by KYC and AML, you also pay a small fee using the native token. Once you are verified, you can participate in the platform to buy, sell or trade in Security Tokens or STs.

The platform offers incentives and participating developers that create apps or review initial Securities offerings and related contracts get rewarded. This creates endless adoption by developers who earn, plough back the tokens into the system and make the POLY token more stable and valuable.

Polymath Token (POLY) Performance in the Market

Since hitting the market,Polymath (POLY) has had mixed reactions, however, for the last 7 days, the coin has been trading on the green. A boost from the blockchain based Crowd Machine is all the coin needed to stay bullish for a little while. This is a different type of a token and it derives its sustenance from other blockchain platforms verification demands and the price might skyrocket towards the beginning of Q3.

The PLOY token is trading at $0.381113 after gaining 23.98% against the dollar. In the last 24 hours, a total of $32,429,200 worth of POLY coins changed hands against the total supply of 239,999,750 POLY. The token has also gained against the BTC and ETH by 25.92 and 25.05% respectively.

It will be interesting to see how this young coin plays in the crowded market. But by the steady growth of its market cap which stands at $92,812,463 at the time of writing, there is a lot of potential given it is playing in a less competitive niche in the digital money markets.

The Future of Polymath (POLY)

With the listing of Polymath (POLY) on Bittrex and UpBit, the token is getting the attention it deserved globally. These two have a global presence and their reputation will drive the POLY agenda foe mass adoption. With a total supply of 1Billion POLY, there is need to push the coin value up.

Mass adoption will mean the token scarcity and with increased activity from the masses around the coin, the value will definitely be activated. Unlike other coins in the market, POLY ensures you get rewarded to participate on the Polymath network.

It is clear that this is a venture worth investing in not on speculative basis but for the long term investor. This is the only coin platform that connects token investors, KYC and AML, contract developers and interested legal practitioners.


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