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The fast evolving blockchain technology has been flooded with protocol developments from various projects in the past decade. SnartMesh (SMT) is an IoT built protocol that facilitates peer to peer networks between gadgets like smartphones and other onboard devices without necessarily using the internet. It is among the blockchain platforms that use the popular Ethereum network to enhance its functionality. The SMT altcoin is the vehicle for transaction purposes which include purchases made from the mesh network as well as the reward token for network participants.

It is interesting to note the mesh network that facilitates the transactions/payments paid in SMT tokens or rewards given to the network users. This advanced protocol maximizes the utility of any smartphone connected to the network to find the most convenient path for data relaying. Interested parties that facilitate the platform via their smartphones are set for rewards in form of SMT tokens; this can be a good fundamental investment that will require minimum capital to jump into crypto.

SMT Prospects; SmartRaiden Tech!

SmartMesh (SMT) was well represented in the RSK blockchain tour by Krakan Yu, Global VP, where the idea entailed in the project was explained to those in attendance. The RSK blockchain program is among the best blockchain technologies so far and is currently working with the SMT team to develop the UCCO.

Henry Wang who is the current CEO at SmartMesh announced in April 2018 that the SmartRaiden technology is around the corner. This open source protocol is expected to take the SMT project to the next level given that 3rd parties will be able to build networks off-chain in order to take payments made via smartphones a notch higher.

The SmartMesh team has already developed a crypto app that can be used for making payments using the Golang language of programming. This protocol is quite scalable in comparison to the Raiden network that is currently in use for the SMT project. SmartRaiden’s intelligence accommodates off-chain transactions while maintaining the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies. In addition the network has strong security as well as efficient in speedy transactions within the platform. A low transaction fee is also an added advantage of utilizing the SMT platform while the flexibility of using any of the popular OS is upon the user.

SmartRaiden will go a long way in improving the current mesh protocol that SMT uses to operate its platform. This technology will not only facilitate payments but also act as a relay node between on-chain users and off-chain users. Crypto enthusiasts might find this project quite interesting given the green zone that has indicated a bullish market in the past week; it is among the altcoins that has gained massively in comparison to peer coins.

SMT Current Market Overview

SmartMesh (SMT) is currently on a bullish trend gaining a value of 40% against the USD within a day. Although the coin is still under the $1 mark, its price and volume surge has indicated the coin is receiving attention especially from crypto markets in the East. The altcoin is currently traded in a couple of crypto markets with Huobi currently in the lead in volume traded within the last 24 hours. For a coin that has only existed 4 months, SMT’s market cap rank (112) paints a picture of hope to investors’ looking for value from the cryptocurrency in the near future. However, SMT recently posted on their twitter a warning of scammers who might be taking advantage of its current lucrative position to fraud cryptopreneurs;

 “ALERT! Be advised, valued community, that there are SCAMMERS trying to post FALSE INFORMATION via our twitter comments. SmartMesh Foundation Pte. Ltd. is NOT offering ANYONE Bitcoin or Eth. ANY offers we make will be announced through our official tweets, NOT comments! Thx!!!”


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