The fast growing world of cryptocurrencies has been keen to increase its market demand by launching protocols whose scalability extends to smartphones. Electroneum (ETN) has been green in the past week with its price surging by 8% hence the coin made a comeback to the top 100 cryptos in market cap. This platform and the ETN altcoin have been specifically built to suit mobile devices in order to bring the cryptocurrency markets closer to enthusiasts and cryptopreneurs.

What is Unique?

Joining the crypto market might be a bit challenging or require too much information that skeptical users have remained averse to this volatile class of assets. Users will often be asked for information they may feel uncomfortable sharing with anonymous platforms, Electroneum solves some of these shortcomings quite efficiently. The Electroneum network is the direct opposite of Bitcoin although both are decentralized cryptocurrencies; ETN allows users to transact with more network security as well as speedy transactions. On the other hand BTC can expose your portfolio transactions/records if a malicious user obtains your public Bitcoin wallet address.

ETN 2018 Accomplishments!

Most cryptocurrencies that are on the green zone are beneficiaries of successful projects in 2017 & part of the Q1 milestones in 2018. Electroneum (ETN) has managed to accomplish a couple of milestones this year which without a doubt increase the fundamental value of the coin as crypto awaits market correction in future;

  • XIUS Relationship

This cryptocurrency has recently initiated a relationship with a fin-tech giant, XIUS whose current user base is well over 60 million. Electroneum (ETN) made this strategic move in line with their objective to capture the services offered within the mobile payments arena. XIUS is part of the Megasoft Company although its main focus is in the telecommunications space. Having a relationship with a market leader that enjoys popularity in over 6 continents places the ETN altcoin at a strategic market position to gain similar popularity in the near future. The volumes transacted under this USA based start-up can sum up to over $1 billion within a month.

  • Patent for instant cryptopayments

Electroneum recently made a major move in April when they applied for a patent in a bid to increase the scope of cryptos that can be traded on the platform. A detailed statement was released two weeks ago in line with the details of the patent.

In summary, they are requesting to operate a centralized app in coordination with its decentralized blockchain network. This will ensure that users make payments and instant confirmation of these payments will be guaranteed as long as the funds intended for the transaction have been deposited in the ETN network.

This patent extends to all cryptocurrencies with a provision for payments in crypto to any user with such preferences. Right now the Electroneum team has acquired a patent to include some of the big cryptocurrencies like BTC & ETH on their app for payments to any crypto friendly vendor.

  • Major Coin Exchanges Listing ETN;

The ETN cryptocurrency has been listed in a couple of coin exchanges since the year began. Among these markets are the popular Kucoin & HitBTC coin exchanges. In addition the coin’s trading volume increased significantly within its initial trading days in these platforms. Other coin markets that have listed the coin recently include Bitbns & CoinSpot.

ETN; the market price analysis!

Electroneum (ETN) is currently trading at $0.026 while its liquidity ratio is at a low of 0.50%. This means that investors are better off HODLing the coin until there is more liquidity to trade the coin often. The coin which is 97th in market cap right now enjoys a $179 million value although much of the change can be attributed to the bullish week where the coin has gained a volume of over 200%. Volatility is not new to ETN, in fact the coin has a standard deviation of 15%, and this is way above most securities or private & treasury bonds.


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