Hshare (HSR)

Hshare (HSR) announced the release of a community update which highlights a number of developments in key areas towards the growth of the cryptocurrency. The South Korean market has been at the forefront in adoption of cryptocurrencies. Hshare development team announced a series of achievements in its operations in the country aimed at giving it an edge in this very competitive market. The HSR token currently trades at $10.54 representing a 20% weekly increase.

What is HCash?

The HCash network is being developed to facilitate movement of value and data between both block-based and block-less blockchains. With hundreds of blockchain applications being developed, blockchain interconnectivity continues to be a very important tool in facilitating efficiency in the ecosystem. With ease of movement of activities between blockchains, users will be able to achieve higher levels of productivity increasing the pace of development in the society.

Hshare (HSR) was released as a prelaunch token holding value for Hcash. Once Hcash launches, HSR owners will be able to trade in 1 HSR token for 1 unit of Hcash.

1. Hshare wallet, Hcash, in South Korea

Language support HSR’s wallet, Hcash has been updated to support South Korean language. Mobile wallets are growing in importance in the crypto world as they facilitate users’ interaction with the blockchain. Crypto currencies have continued to build more and more functionality to their mobile wallets to make them more friendly and flexible for users. By making the wallet available in South Korean, the Hcash team is looking to improve its accessibility and attract more users onto its platform. It also improves Hshare token’s competitiveness in the market that continues to saturate with cryptocurrencies and other altcoins.

2. New offices in South Korea

Hcash is creating new offices with a dedicated support team in South Korea. This move aims at fast-tracking HShare’s penetration in the country. The South Korean won has consistently been among the most traded fiat currency against cryptocurrencies. The demand for digital coins has seen them trade at a premium in the country compared to other jurisdictions.

It is evident that the South Korean population is very excited about cryptocurrencies. Activities in the country are also highly likely to have a great impact on the global crypto industry. Through the South Korean team, Hcash is looking to leverage on the opportunity to better understand the market and lay relevant infrastructure to facilitate the coins growth and success.

Hcash already has teams in the US and Australia working on various areas of the Hcash ecosystem. The US team has continued to develop the networks code to facilitate its transition from a placeholder chain to the main chain. The Australian team on the other hand has been responsible for the overall direction of Hcash. Its activities have included marketing efforts for activities expected after the launch of the Hcash main chain.

Hshare (HSR) team has continued to coordinate with various exchanges to facilitate a smooth transition to the main chain token once it launches. The South Korean team will work in collaboration with the US and Australian teams towards further development in the entire Hcash ecosystem.

3. Developments on HCash wallet

Hcash continues to work with research institutions to develop its technology further to make it secure and efficient. Monash University laboratory recently completed the development of a lattice based linkable ring signature scheme and its RingCT protocol. These tools are aimed at facilitating the development of privacy protocols on the platform.

The initial version of this technology will be published online this April. The Hong Kong Polytechnic Research laboratory is developing a decentralized anonymous credentials system for Hcash that will enable users to preserve their privacy while proving their identity of the platform. The lab’s improvements on the payment system will also make it much faster than the one currently in use.


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