Viberate (VIB)

Viberate (VIB) is among the few cryptocurrencies that have so far focused on a protocol serving the billion dollar music industry. The VIB tokens are being adopted at a fast rate with major coin exchanges trading the coin to a tone of over $30,000 million right now.

The platform’s idea is to create a market place that will initiate a sustainable demand supply model for entertainers within the platform. Users will include musicians and event organizers; the crowdsourced live music ecosystem links the two parties in a bid to create profits for both by increasing convenience.

Smart contracts executed within the Viberate network are quite user friendly due to the use of Blocktix in its development. Therefore, more users will find the platform intuitive hence increasing adoption in the near future. In addition to simplicity, the network’s security is improved by this approach as a result of additional layers embedded in the protocol. Crypto enthusiasts should keep a keen eye on this project that is set to bring the standardization of contracts in the entertainment arena to a new age.

VIB Changelly Partnership

It’s been two months since Viberate (VIB) entered into a partnership with Changelly, an efficient conversion service for a big scope of cryptocurrencies. This platform has made things easy for VIB users that have wanted to convert their portfolios to other cryptos like BTC or ETH. Changelly’s history dates back to 2015 when the project was launched, the platform has since acquired over 1.5 million users within three years. It is among the few services with the cheapest rates and wider scope of conversion limits in the crypto market.

Changelly’s competitive advantage is its position to allow tokens purchase via Master or Visa cards. The platform uses 2FA to increase security within the network when crypto transactions have been requested. This made it a suitable strategic partner for Viberate according to its CEO;

“We are happy that crypto industry becomes more tightly integrated with music. Changelly will provide thousands of customers with VIB tokens they can use for interaction with the Viberate platform. With our built-in widget, Changelly will enable everyone to seamlessly invest into the live music industry with cryptocurrency.”

The VIB Strategy

Most people argue that a business is doomed without the business model, Viberate have not taken the argument lightly. The team has highlighted the strategy and market participants it targets as the crypto market remains under scrutiny and in a speculative mood;

  • De facto Booking Agency

The platform will act as a booking agent for musicians from all over the globe. In the past booking agents have been expensive and locally available; this platform aims at rewarding musicians with VIB tokens while making them globally available through the Viberate network.

  • Subscriptions

Viberate allows other interactions as well apart from booking musicians. Packages that are not subjected to the commission framework will be purchasable from the network; payments can be made via VIB tokens.

  • 3rd Party Market

The analytics within Viberate network pull a large number of resources that might be of interest within the music arena. This includes information on services like streaming and music media. A couple of users in the music industry can benefit from having a profile on this network in order to access more information & business.

  VIB Price Analysis

Viberate (VIB) token is a fully working product using the Ethereum consensus for its protocol. The cryptocurrency is trading at $0.2262 against the US dollar as of press date while its market cap stands at $38 million. Its price movement within the last 30 days has been at an impressive 61% although some of this can be attributed to the general bullish crypto market in the past week. The coin’s riskiness in the past month is reflected by its 36% volatility score according to coincheckup. Although it may seem a good fundamental altcoin, VIBs success is highly dependent on the general survival of the crypto market & its adoption rate if stakes remain green in crypto.


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