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With the increased investor interest on what the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is all about. VeChain (VEN) is turning to addressing user needs. This is one of the leading user-centric third generation coin. Making investor funds available at a touch of a mobile gadget button the future of cryptocurrencies.

VeChain has been working behind in readiness for mass adoption. One of the striking features is the native wallet which is being tested for compatibility with major smartphone models in the market. This is one of the public blockchain attempts to tap into the ever growing mobile phone uptake globally.

If this goes according to the developer team plans, it will turn a new page in the IoT industry. This will be the first blockchain economic model for real life use. With the partnership of INPI Asia, their plans for future digital identification will enable users and affiliates identify products through NDCoding.

VeChain (VEN) to Connect the World

With the ability to connect the world with special products codes, counterfeiters are on their way to extinction. This will increase security levels while giving users an avenue to access original products. An additional security layer will add more trust in the system and increased adoption will be the end game.

VeChain (VEN) aims at global connectivity and creating a mobile phone compatible wallet is a quick win for the developers and the marketing team. With the ongoing tests, their twitter followers have been able to give feedback on the phone model they are using through the recently concluded survey.

The feedback captured the user location, email address and the model of phone they are using. From the survey results, the team will be able to select the compatible phones with the VeChain wallet. Virtually every corner of the globe is internet connected and building a wallet that is compatible with different phone type is a surefire for guaranteed mass adoption.

VeChain (VEN) Twitter Survey

The VeChain twitter survey is a clear indication the coin is getting from the community. The hype is a good catalyst of preparing for mass adoption from individuals and institutions as well. With the delivery of VeChain Thor and Mainnet launch in the offing all is set for a new look blockchain platform;

According to the company statement released;

“As we move towards that Mainnet launch, the VeChain wallet is seen as key component in our deliverables. In order to better serve our token holders and provide a well-designed and secure mobile wallet, we need to collect the ratios of mobile phone ownership for compatibility testing.”

With these sentiments, VeChain is committed to bring more users onboard with an improved platform. Infrastructure development seems to be a top priority for the chain to move to the next level. However, VeChain has gone a step further to provide   a real world solution where you can easily access your online funds on the go.

VeChain (VEN) Strategic Partnerships

VeChain has been in the forefront in bringing onboard partners that will drive their mobile wallet agenda forward. LG and Sony are some of their major partners in the mobile telephony industry, after the Twitter survey it will be able to see how easily their mobile phones can be integrated into the system.

A ready to use smartphone in the VeChain system will improve on user retention levels and entice more adorers to become adopters. This will increase the VEN token usage thus growing its traction and value. Mass adoption is one of the major ways that any coin can gain a global appeal.

Despite the market challenges being faced by Altcoins, VeChain (VEN) is recovering from the recent market slump with real life use products that will cushion it against huge gain loses in the future. There is a lot of potential in the gains and Q3 will be a game changer for the blockchain.


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