Qtum (QTUM): Ever wondered why companies, even well-known ones are always advertising their brands? It’s simple!  In the real world, what you have to offer has no value if no one knows about it. That’s why sometimes you find inferior products dominate the market, yet there are some really good ones out there, but no one knows about them.

This cuts across all aspects of the economy, and crypto is no exception. No matter how good a crypto is, if there is no aggressive marketing to get people talking about it, its impact in the market will be pretty much limited.  This is one thing that the Qtum team seems to be lagging behind.

Qtum (QTUM) happens to be one of the most powerful blockchains in the market, one that deserves a spot at the very top.  That’s because it is designed for the development of practical Dapps, Dapps that can run on mobile devices, and have the security of bitcoin core. It’s the blockchain that every business would use to create smart contracts for everyday use. More people need to know about it! Unfortunately, this is not happening, and it’s frustrating to the Qtum community.

For instance, I came across a Reddit post where the redditor was frustrated that in some forums, smaller coins were getting discussed, yet a huge project like Qtum was not even getting a mention. The redditor cites a platform like Are we decentralized yet where coins like Dogecoin are reviewed, yet Qtum is missing out.

The problem with not getting enough attention online is that it will slow down the overall adoption of the Qtum, and that will slow down its value growth. That’s in spite of the fact that Qtum (QTUM) is way ahead of the rest technology wise.

So what can the Qtum team do to improve the visibility of this crypto? They can do this by hiring a publicity team, a team that can aggressively push Qtum on social media and other media platforms and get people talking about it.   They can emulate the Tron team which has one of the most aggressive media communities in crypto.

Such a team would also make sure that every advancement or adoption that Qtum gets is made known to the entire world. Just to give you perspective on the importance of aggressive marketing, imagine how big Qtum heroes, the game that was launched on the Qtum blockchain would be if it were launched on the Tron blockchain? Everyone in crypto space would be talking about it right now.  That’s what Qtum needs.

Beyond that, Qtum (QTUM) is one of the biggest projects in the market, one that I believe has a good future. The smart contracts space is growing, and once the hype dies down, it is practical platforms like Qtum that will reign.  In the long run, Qtum could get to $100 and above.  The fact that it is designed for Dapps that can run on mobile devices will be its greatest long-term asset.


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