The EDUCare (EKT) altcoin has been making strategic moves since the beginning of this year in a bid to increase its popularity and value. The team recently secured a column in the popular Mars Finance, where they received the rights to publish on the technicalities of the blockchain network. In addition the project’s tech progress will also be updated in this column besides its current medium account that focuses on weekly reports.

The project’s main objective is to create an online education blockchain platform that will enhance the service delivery within education sector. In order to achieve a fair and transparent ecosystem, the EKT platform and altcoin have been built with a focus on intellectual property rights as well as the inaccessible nature of pricey education resources.

Strategic Partnerships

INK lab announced on twitter that they have formed a partnership with the EKT EDUCare (EKT) project. The relationship is set to be beneficiary to both parties. INK which is in charge of reforming original content for application in different cultures intends to post content through the EKT platform as blockchain gains popularity. EKT on the other hand benefits from this cooperation since INK will help establish technical standards for protection of intellectual rights. This will eventually improve content creation as well as income distribution depending on the demand of one’s intellectual property on the platform.

EKT 2018 Prospects;

  • Mainnet Testing

The EKT network main net testing began a day ago where it entered the internal phase. It is scheduled to last until Q2 of 2018 is over and by then the altcoin’s price might have moved up depending on the success rate. This testing will be available to the public for two months but the initial month will be tested by invited volunteers. The crypto community should be watching out not to miss on the main network launch that is set for Q3 in 2018.

  • AWM language launch

This language will be released for the sole purpose of peer to peer communications within the EKT platform. It is set to improve the DApps building within this ecosystem, this event driven language is not similar to the likes of C++ & Java. The codes used in the language do not have a specific role but instead they are event oriented.

EDUCare is set to launch this milestone in the next five months if all goes as expected. Developers within the network will be able to capture structures that affect objects at specific events or times. The AWM language will also be flexible enough for those who would want to use common coding languages such as Python and Java to create DApps on the network in future.

EKT Price Overview

EDUCare (EKT) has already passed the $ 30 million mark in market capitalization although it’s currently listed in only two coin exchanges. The altcoin has been bullish in the past month gaining close to 40% in its price; it is currently below the $1 mark which means more room for exponential growth. EKT is among the cryptocurrencies that have been launched in 2018 and managed to get to the top 400 cryptos within a span of three months. However, this education oriented coin has been relatively volatile as is the general nature of the crypto market right now.


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