Dash Coin

At a time when cryptocurrencies are being invented every hour, it is important to look back and see which ones stood the test of time and continues to give the user the best. Dash (DASH) is one of these coins that merge technology with simplicity. Since 2014, the coin has been improving day by day in terms of infrastructure, features and usability.

Since day one, Dash visibility in the market is unquestionable and its popularity has made it a household name to date. As an investor preferred choice coin, the platform is a cross border trade enabler that guarantees security.  With self-governing model, the value of the coin and platform is based on the number of users. To enhance user experience, Dash is working on DIP 2, DIP 3 and DIP 4 proposal.

With analysts predicting growth of Altcoins in 2018 and beyond, Dash (DASH) is one step ahead. It has implemented major features that set it apart from other alternative coins. When new Altcoins are developing their infrastructures, Dash is improving on what it built earlier. Below are some pointers why Dash has a competitive edge over other Altcoins and mainstream cryptocurrencies.

Dash (DASH) Popularity Drivers

The popularity of Dash is based on their commitment to meet the consumer demands. For investors who look at market capitalization as a measure to stake on coins, Dash has already hit the 3 billion mark and still soldiering on. As of today, the coin stands at $3.72 billion market cap. Transaction speed has been a key driving force behind the coin’s growth. No investor has the time to queue for transactions to be confirmed.

The time for investing to experiment of for fun is over; it is all about what products and services a system offers and how trusted and secure it is. With a sizeable user base, Dash has been able to address user challenges on time; the user determines the direction the blockchain takes.

If you are a PayPal and Dash user, you will agree that Dash is user friendly and global. You can invest or use DASH coins anywhere across the globe unlike the competition that restricts adoption to select countries and States.

Dash (DASH) Lighting Speed

The blockchain technology has come from far, thanks to Bitcoin’s initial innovation. However, Bitcoin and mainstream coins missed the point; they forgot people are deserting the banks to look for alternative platforms that offered speedy transactions irrespective of the sender and receiver locations.

Dash (DASH) has come out tops through the lighting speed deployment in their network. This is what has enticed the masses into adoption of the platform. Everything from mining to transactions is seamless and transparent thanks to DashPay.

With confirmation speeds of up to 4 seconds through the InstaSend function no one would imagine going back to the Bitcoin dark days of waiting for minutes or even hours for a transaction to be confirmed. What’s more? This is combines with the PrivateSend function to ensure total privacy akin to a true blockchain payment system

The dash platform governance is one of a kind; it allows the users to have an upper hand in determining what developments should be implemented. This why 10% of the block rewards are channeled to infrastructure development giving the coin a upper lead against other Altcoins

Dash (DASH) Price Performance Check in the Market

The current price of Dash is a reflection of the developer team focus to the platform roadmap whilst accommodating the user demands. This has enabled the coin be listed on the biggest exchanges and being accepted in affiliate in the world. Dash offers the kind of liquidity that no investor can resist.

The dash Coin is trading at $468.42 with a 2.12%gain against the USD and 0.74% to the Bitcoin. The coin has shown strong signs of recovery but will take a while before smarting to the glory days of an all-time high of $1000. However, there are indications that this might be achieved before the end of the years.

With a few tweaks in the platform in the offing, Dash (DASH) should be the coin to buy and HODL at the moment. This explains why more investors are buying DASH especially with increased activity among all exchanges listing the coin. It is not the time to look at the price but to put into consideration the long term benefits of low transactions the system offers.


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