XinFin Network (XDCE)

The Xinfin Fin Tech (XDCE) token is currently in the top 300 cryptos in market cap ranking over $31 million according to Coinmarketcap. It is among the altcoins that have been green within the last fortnight gaining over 200% in price during this period. The recent 127% gain in a week for the coin serves to show that the coin means business in transforming the $27 trillion dollar industry. Investors who would want to jump ship into this digital asset can purchase it from a couple of coin exchanges that have since listed the coin;

Steps to buy XDCE on Bancor Network

  1. Visit official Metamask website and install the Chrome extension.


  • Metamask extension is only supported on Chrome and Firefox browser.
  • If you open other tab or navigate to existing tabs you have to manually click again on Metamask extension located on right corner of your browser.


  1. Click on extension. Do read Privacy notice carefully and then click on accept button.
  2. Enter a secure password and click “Create”.
  3. Save the seed on a secure place (in word pad/notepad etc.) This is the only way to restore your Metamask account and your account is created successfully.
  4. Fund your Metamask wallet, so send ETH to your Metamask wallet address from any of the wallet.
  5. Now visit the official XinFin website to buy XDCE powered by Bancor.
  6. After clicking the Buy button it gives indication to “Login to your account” in case you are not logged in your Metamask wallet. So you need to log in to your Metamask wallet by clicking the extension of Metamask. If you are already logged in to your Metamask wallet then it opens as shown below:

  1. Enter ether amount you want to buy XDCE worth, it can be 0.1, 0.11, 0.5, 1, 1.57, 5, and 11 etc. Also you can buy XDCE using other popular tokens by scrolling down the pay with box. E.g.: buy using ETH, BNT, OMG, EOS, BAT, TRX and many more tokens. To complete the transaction, click on Buy button.

8. After clicking the Buy button you are almost done and then click on Proceed.

9. After clicking ‘Proceed’ button your Metamask extension will show up to submit the transaction. Click on “Submit button” and your process is done which will give you your Tx hash.

How to Sell

  1. Visit the official XinFin site and Click the Sell button.
  2. On Clicking the Sell button you will see this. Enter the XDCE to be sold in exchange for the other tokens and then click on sell button.
  3. To complete your transaction. Click on ‘Proceed’.
  4. You are almost done. Submit your transaction and the process is done.



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