With many Altcoins still dragging to recover the gains lost during the market slump, IOTA (MIOTA) is doing it in style. The recent steady recovery has shown the popularity of a coin set to provide you with real life solutions. The coin stands to be counted among the first to showcase the potential of blockchain.

With real life partnerships, IOTA is set to be a leader in blockchain integration where investors and users will be able to get value for their money. The current growth is not built on hype but the value the coin holds. Not many virtual currencies in the market have given users the asset value hidden in cryptography.

What Makes IOTA the Right Choice in the Crypto Jungle?

The one of a kind IOTA electric car charging outlet has made the IOTA (MIOTA) investors excited. The platform partnership with Elaad is a clear indication that IOTA really works and set to power the electric car landscape. The trial outlet in the Netherlands has proved successful. The platform has done away with the “how” part and working on “when” similar outlets will come to your city.

The Tangle technology seems to be working in favor of IOTA to deliver a scalable ecosystem that can support large scale operations. Tangle is superior to blockchain, it offers better large scale project handling which is a true manifestation of real decentralization.

Tangle helps the IOTA network to fully operate a crypto-car powering system without involving a third party. So far, no other cryptocurrency has been able to achieve such innovation. Transactions are recorded in real time across the whole network using the Tangle unlike other platforms where they are done on a single chain.

IOTA (MIOTA) Payment Model

Investors are keen on how global payments are processed; with IOTA, a large percentage of adopters are after transaction speeds. With Tangle, when more participants are transacting, the faster it takes to confirm a transaction. Simply put, mass adoption means incredibly fast transactions.

Tangle App makes IOTA a next generation platform, no snarl-up in the system and the fees are almost zero. You can transact to the micro-payment level and get value for your money. In the blockchain technology, any transaction taking over 10 seconds is deemed slow. The IOTA network goal is to beat the 10 sec mark.

The IOTA (MIOTA) Elaad project is just the beginning of  a new era in the crypto-sphere. The good news about the deal is that Elaad is a training outfit that is set to propel the MIOTA coin to a higher level. This is one of the best use cases that will see the brand IOTA become a household name very soon. Partnerships with electric car powering appliances are also in the offing as the uptake of MIOTA grows; thanks to the Tangle micro-payments between machines.

Keeping an Eye on IOTA (MIOTA) Future

According to the CoinMarketCap charts, the MIOTA bullish run is being dictated by the progress on the IOTA platform. The Elaad project has a positive impact on the price trends but it is still early to speculate. This could be short lived resistance and investors are holding on to see breakout sigs.

The new look IOTA (MIOTA) price is headed north and this will see the coin hit the $3 mark early Q3. With the coin trading at $2.28 after gaining 13.14% and 11.72 against the USD and BTC respectively in the last 24-hours, it is clear that a breakout is in the offing. With the current gains of 13.14% to the dollar, the green trading pattern is set to continue. Cryptocurrency analysts are project the coin to surpass the $3 to retain is past glory by end of Q3. For any investor in the IoT sector looking for value, MIOTA is the coin to buy.


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