With the digital advertising becoming a preserve for the affluent multinationals, True Chain (TRUE) seeks to give small and medium size business a say in the industry. With so many advertisers failing to deliver on their promises, blockchain technology is set to change the entire digital advertising landscape.

True Chain focusing on the opportunities in the industry and seeks to do away with irrelevant agencies and third parties who do not add any value in the entire advertising chain. To achieve their goals, the platform is utilizing decentralized applications to be utilized in the commercial real world.

Reasons why True Chain (TRUE) is the Next Big thing

True Chain (TRUE) does not use middle men who are known to work in cohorts with publisher to manipulate ad clicks. Millions of dollars are lost every year through fake adverts powered by bots that do not add any value to the advertiser.

With the BFT technology and smart contracts True Chain will be able to attain the highest PTS since more validators will be accommodated in the ecosystem. Advertising is performance and demand driven and calls for a platform that is transparent and affordable to small and large scale enterprises.

With the increased demand for high performance commercial DApps, investors are shifting their focus to True Chain and doing away with the existing advertising system that are using bots to manipulate Ad performance outcomes. With True Chain, Transparency in the industry is critical.

True Chain (TRUE) Popularity for Commercial DApps

According to the True Chain  Whitepaper, the current digital advertising systems are only helpful in connecting the advertiser and the consumer. With True Chain, there is a lot of transparency and this is what the big data and AI consumer is looking for. Advertisers are keen on where their advertising investment is going with a clear itemized breakdown of the expenditure.

Many digital advertising companies have a good reputation but have failed in cultivation trust among their consumers. With the current platforms like DSP and Ad Exchanges (ADEX), clients are paying more than their ads are worth hence the need for a trustworthy blockchain digital advertising platform.

True Chain is cots effective and can accommodate small and large scale advertisers. You only pay for what you bargain for. With the ecosystem, the advertiser, publisher and consumer can track and analyze ad performance in real time. Detailed reports on target audience reach and uptake are now possible with True chain based DApps.

Why Choose True Chain (TRUE)

True Chain (TRUE) is trying to disrupt a lucrative industry and investing in the coin means better returns once the project is fully functional. You cannot go wrong the advertising industry; the opportunities are there. All these require a system that is transparent and trusted.

As a DApp developer, the system gives the opportunity to work with ease through the development process. You do not have to be tech savvy to work on the True Chain ecosystem, the available tools will help you deploy and manage your Dapps.

True Chain uses its native token TRUE to keep the ecosystem running. However, the token or coin has its usability value. This is turning out to be a global brand that you can exchange at select exchanges including OKEx, OEX, ZB.COM and HitBTC. With the increase uptake, the coin is gaining global traction.

True Chain (TRUE) Market Performance

Thirty days ago (4th April) TRUE was trading at $0.53 and has surprised many by the huge recovery to currently trade at $2.41 after gaining a massive 48.41% and 36.83% against the dollar and BTC in the last 24-hours. The surge is backed by the developer team’s efforts to deliver on their promises on time.

The current trading price breakout seems sustainable and the coin is set to hit the $5 market by the end of the years. With a lot of restrictions and bans on cryptocurrency digital advertising from the mainstream media, True Chain is the only safe haven for anything crypto ad.

If the current performance is anything to write home about, True Chain (TRUE) is the right coin for any DApp developer and investor to give a second thought. Advertising demands keep growing and this is the right time to get involved in True Chain. The TRUE coin price growth is unstoppable and is about to moon.


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