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The next couple of days will be interesting for Verge (XVG).   There are several important news coming out that will most likely affect its value.  One of the most interesting news coming up is the halving of the block rewards. After 9th May, the rewards that miners make from Verge will be cut in half.   If past trends from other cryptocurrencies are anything to go by, this could lead to a correction in the value of Verge.  That’s because after the block reward halves, mining interest in a crypto declines, and it usually has a negative impact on the price.

But that’s not the only interesting news coming up in the verge space at the moment.  There has been a rumor going around that Verge will be partnering with Spotify. Now this is one partnership that could come to pass very soon.  Apparently Spotify is asking people to vote and have them partner with Verge. The vote is going on pretty well, and presently stands at around 3000. As more people vote on this deal, it will most likely go through.

If this deal comes to pass, it will be bigger than anything Verge (XVG) has seen in recent times. Just to give you an idea, think of how much Verge surged prior to unveiling its mystery partner a few weeks ago. It only flopped when the partnership that most investors found hard to agree with on ethical grounds. In essence, getting this partnership could easily see Verge head to the moon. The only thing that could dampen it is the upcoming block halving, which makes the next few weeks murky for this crypto.

So what can Verge investors expect in the future? Well, Verge is at a point where it is likely to favor long-term investors. That’s because the block halving may discourage some miners, but those who remain will earn more in the long-run, and continue supporting the network. As such, even if Verge corrects in the short-term, it is fundamentals that will drive up its value in the long-run, and it has some pretty solid ones.

For instance, the PornHub partnership that many people are hating on, will play a crucial role in pushing up the adoption of Verge.  PornHub has already recorded an upsurge in the number of people using Verge to make payments, and that’s good for the long-run value of this crypto.  However, these are not gains that will be visible in the short-run, since people are still skeptical on this deal.

Other factors that will support its long-term value growth include a wider adoption by more crypto exchanges. We can see this taking place already. A few hours ago, Verge (XVG)  was added on Gate.io, and it’s definitely not the last one. As more exchanges add it, its long-term value will continue to increase. This is one of those cryptos that will definitely reward those who will hang in for the long haul. Short-term turbulence after the porn-hub partnership and the upcoming block halving will shake-off the weak hands, but those who remain will reap big.


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