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Cryptocurrency usability is going a notch higher and the blockchain potential is just beginning to get tested. Monero (XMR) is connecting with the user to enable them access more outlets where they can spend the coin. The online shopper is keen on privacy coins that protect them against private purchases that do not need to reflect on their credit cards.

With more Altcoins joining the privacy coin landscape, provision of accessible transaction services in a wide range of outlets seems to be the next frontier. A digital coin that has no real world usability makes sense to the modern cryptocurrency investor and Monero (XMR) seems to have come to realize the fact.

Growing Monero (XMR) Acceptance and Partnerships

Monero (XMR) has attracted the trust of FastTech and NordVPN. These are online based retailers and have since been integrated into the Monero ecosystem making XMR a payment alternative. This appears to be a positive move now that you have outlets where you can spend the coin online.

With the partnership between Monero (XMR) and FastTech, the coin holder has unlimited access to affordable electronic gadgets that need to have some privacy on purchase. Some of the gadgets include sex enhancing toys and vaporizers that not many shoppers love being included in their credit cards.

Privacy in internet browsing for some users is very important and Monero comes in handy for NordVPN users. The collaboration means as a NordVPN service user, you can keep your browsing history private as well as keeping your IP address. This will translate into VPN lovers turning to Monero as their safe haven and using XMR as an easy payment option.

Is Monero (XMR) an Illegal Business Outfit?

Monero (XMR) critics have always insisted that the platform is an illegal business outfit, a thought the community has been fighting. Private transactions has nothing to do with the kind of business the user is in. this could explain why the coins is looking for partners of repute to prove the critics wrong.

Since late last year, toy can use Monero XMR to purchase products and services from over 40 musician’s websites at a discount including those of Sia, Mariah Carey and Fallout Boy. A restaurant in Vienna, La Pargola is set to start accepting XMR as a method of payments from patrons.

Hopefully, users are hoping that the platform will provide a mobile wallet that one can use over a VPN interface when purchasing goods that you do not want reflected on your credit card statement. If this happens in the near future, Monero will become the biggest privacy coin ever in the crypto-sphere.

Monero (XMR) Value Erosion

With the digital coin market showing a bullish trend, Monero is yet to gain ground on its way to recovery. It might take a lot of convincing for the coin to get to the former trading days of over $450. However, the current price of $236.27 might reflect on the competitive niche the coins plies it trade with more competition entering the market.

Monero (XMR) has been trading on the red for the last 24-hours after shedding 3.24% and 1.79% to the USD and BTC respectively. With increased use cases, the coin is set to recover albeit slowly and might hit a high by close of Q3 if the general cryptocurrency recovery continue being witnessed.

Monero (XMR) Hidden Market Potential

It is no doubt that Monero (XMR) has a lot of hidden potential and it is just a matter of time before whales start investing and spending on the platform. Analysts argue that Monero will soon hit the $1000 mark. Compared to other alternative coins, Monero will be able to sustain its current value going forward and a right choice to HODL.

With the introduction on the Kasito point-of-sale app, users can make micro-payments for small bills in bars, cafes and convenient stores. This will increase XMR uptake and entice more adoptions to spur the coin value growth due to increased usability options with low fees.


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