XinFin Fin Tech started building its XinFin hybrid network earlier in 2017 with its token, XDCE offered a year later in March 2018. The coin has already secured an institutional partnership with Ramco Systems, powered by the ministry of economics in Singapore as they look forward to integrating the blockchain in other parts of the economy. The 120% price boost of XDCE on April 21, 2018 saw the token ranked as the fastest growing coin on Coinnarketcap on a daily ranking.

How XDCE plans on trading above $0.1 in Q3 2018

XDCE is currently trading at $0.009538, presenting a discount on the buying price as the coin looks towards hitting the $0.1 mark before the end of Q3. But what factors are in play that predict the ease of XDCE hitting $0.1?

  1. Developments on the XDC01 protocol

The Singapore based platform aims at taking over the multi-trillion dollar international trade industry by connecting the ecosystem through its hybrid blockchain, the first of its kind in the field. Looking at the milestones and roadmap set, the development process has so far been smooth and on time. This second quarter of 2018, the team plans to release its cold wallet storage, deployment of private sub-networks to enterprise clients and addition of AML/KYC compliance. The developments on the XDC01 protocol, especially addition of a cold wallet storage will drive up demand for the token as security heightens. A 10X price bump for a token currently trading at $0.01 looks possible with increased utility on the platform.

  1. Q2/Q3 is the bump quarter

After a low trading Q1 2018 (after mid-January), the cryptocurrency market is back to a bull momentum in Q2. The market in the past 4 years has been quite predictable with the whole market seeing red in the first quarter and rebounds in the successive quarters. XDCE, a token first listed in late Q1 may have come to the market at the right time as the market charts have been painted green constantly this quarter and the next. It would in no way be prudent to base the increase of XDCE solely on market movement. However, XDCE recent developments and unique nature places it at the positive tail end for a quick boost.

  1. Listing on Tradefinex and other exchanges

XDCE token is a relatively new coin, having been in the market for only a month or so. This shows the massive potential the token has to grow in the coming months. One of the key areas that newly launched coins struggle with is getting their names on the exchange charts. XDCE token has suffered the same fate since its release but that struggle is fading as it looks forward to listing on various exchanges. As more exchanges lists XDCE pairs, the price will move towards the $0.1 mark in Q1 2018.

XDCE token is currently available for trades on a number of exchanges ; Bancor Network,, and Mercatox among other

How to buy XDCE on Mercatox

  1. Go to the official Mercatox exchange website.
  2. If you are a new user, register to the site in less than 5 minutes by inputting your email and password, solving the captcha and click ‘Register’. Log in if you already have a registered account.
  3. Search for XDCE in the search box provided.
Search for XDCE pairs in the search box provided

4. Copy and paste your XDCE wallet address in the resulting page then click ‘Deposit’.

Copy XDCE wallet address to deposit your tokens
  1. You will be directed to the crypto markets page. Search for the XDCE/BTC pair and select it.
Choose the XDCE/BTC pair to trade

6. Select the price of BTC you’d wish to exchange to XDCE and the amount of tokens to be received. Click on the XDCE/BTC pair.

  1. Click ‘Buy’ or ‘Sell’ to complete the order.
Buy/Sell XDCE pairs to complete transaction


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