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XinFin Network (XDCE) has been listed on one of the top 25 exchanges on Coinmarketcap. TopBTC, an exchange trading daily volumes of over $150 million USD, started trading XDCE on May 15, 2018. The exchange is highly active in ETH/CYN and BTC/CYN pairs which accumulate over 50% of the total volume. The exchange largely deals with ETH/CYN and BTC/CYN pairs, the two representing 55.61% of the total 24 hour volume traded. The XDCE/ETH pair has now been added to the ranks with other pairs to be launched soon.

XinFin Fin Tech. is the company that built the XinFin Network, a hybrid blockchain revolutionizing the international trade and finance industry. The XDC01 platform is built to solve the lack of scalability on Ethereum as well as solving the problems associated with Bitcoin blockchain. The permissioned, trustless, cryptographic and scalable platform is set to eliminate any efficiencies in global trade and international payment systems.

“We are currently working on several industrial projects in banking, power, solar, tourism, aviation, supply chain logistics and other sectors. The customized solutions are being deployed across business process re-engineering, supply chain, financing, procurement, reconciliation, settlement and other areas. The solutions can be non-tokenized [without use of XDC] or tokenized [using XDC token or local Fiat currency] depending on the use case and business application.”

XinFin Fin Tech CTO, Karan Bharadwaj.

XinFin and TopBTC in brief

XinFin token, XDCE is currently ranked 328th on the Coinmarketcap rankings trading at $0.007803 USD with a total market cap of $28,046,693 USD worth of XDCE. The token’s volatility has a high correlation to BTC’s volatility with the price swinging evenly with the recent highs and lows experienced in BTC’s price.

TopBTC is currently ranked 22nd on Coinmarketcap 24 hour volume ranking with a total value of $113 million USD. Ethereum leads the charts on the exchange as the smart contract pioneer traded 28% of the total volume on the exchange in the last 24 hours. Listing XDCE on the exchange will no doubt ease the supply of the token to more buyers on the exchange.

The XDCE token is still young in the field as it enjoys its second month since launch and this recent listing is showing the growth capabilities of the token. The Singapore based firm is expected to increase its trading volumes as TopBTC is the largest exchange yet to be list XDCE. The exchange currently trades over 20 pairs of tokens to crypto and fiat trades. XDCE total trades stand at $1.3 million USD which is the average trade volume of tokens traded on the exchange. With the market speaking bullish on crypto at the moment, XDCE’s trade volumes may well double by the end of the quarter after the listing.

How to buy XDCE on TopBTC exchange

Ethereum (ETH) is the only available currency to trade XDCE on the TopBTC exchange platform. You’ll need to sign in in to your account or register a new account if you haven’t used the exchange before. You should then deposit some Ethereum into your account for purchase.

Points to consider

  1. Security is paramount to any cryptocurrency investment. Make sure you store your coins in a safe environment. Protect your private key too, do not share it with anyone.
  2. XDCE transactions offer one of the lowest transaction fees allowing easier and cheaper trades on the platform. More pairs will be listed on the exchange shortly.

Steps to buy XDCE on TopBTC

  1. Go to the official TopBTC
  2. Click on the ‘Market’ tab and select XDCE/ETH pair from the drop down menu.
  3. Having deposited your ETH into your TopBTC wallet, you can set your trade amounts in the resulting page.
  4. Select the amount of XDCE you wish to purchase or sell.
  5. Enter your pin. Click Buy/Sell option.
  6. Complete the trade.


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