The cryptocurrency arena has continued to flourish despite critics arguing that a bubble in this market is around the corner. Altcoins like iExec RLC (RLC) are among the coins that crypto speculators have placed a keen eye since the beginning of 2018. Developments within the crypto space are currently focusing on enhancement of features in order to increase efficiency within the blockchain platforms. The iExec platform is built mainly for off-chain computing which is a solution to some of the operational issues such as computing space or data storage. Therefore, the platform has enjoyed a significant attention within crypto markets due to its fundamental value to this relatively new class of assets.

RLC uses the proof of work consensus although a couple of crypto developers have argued that it not cost efficient. Recent approaches to crypto markets by oversight bodies like the SEC would have one curious on whether RLC is prospectus in terms of regulations. The coin looks pretty safe from a regulation angle since it has been in existence for slightly over a year while its token is fully functional. Disputes on the working product status of ICO’s been launched might see some coins regulated under the same laws as securities. RLC protocol is ranked 48th in algorithmic score among over 1800 cryptocurrencies right now. This gives the coin leverage in accommodating the increasing cryptocurrency usage in this decade of technological innovations.

From an investors’ perspective, iExec RLC (RLC) has performed quite well given the volatile nature within crypto markets. One would have to part with $2.42 in order to acquire an RLC coin as of press date; this is however way below an all time high of $5.40. Its market capitalization on the other hand is at an impressive $193 million placing it among the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the market.

The past month has been a green zone for the RLC coin having gained over 100% in its price besides the market’s unpredictable nature. Crypto preneurs are closely following developments within this blockchain network after signs it could be a cash cow in the near future. Users can get this altcoin from a bunch of coin exchanges like Bitrex where ETH is the pair or Binance where scalability allows the BNB tokens to be traded against the RLC.

The success of RLC blockchain platform can be pegged on a number of factors which also determine the going concern of this project. Tech advancements within its protocol and partnerships can be as credited the most significant price movers for this coin;

iExec & Intel SGX Application

This is the most recent development within the iExec project which comes as we approach Q3 of 2018. If speculators are right then Q3 & Q4 might follow the precedence set by market prices in 2017 hence a likely strong bull-run towards the end of Q4. iExec collaborating with Intel to explore the off-chain capabilities is a strategic move that might favor both parties significantly if right results are achieved. These two recently held a joint sit down where iExec demonstrated its product using the Intel SGX solutions.

Therefore, the two settled on working together on improving the security within the iExec blockchain network using the Intel SGX that perfectly suits the requirements needed. This collaboration came to be through an initiation under the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) and has since sparked excitement in regards to the future of the RLC decentralized platform. Lei Zhang who’s in charge of R&D on Security issues within iExec had the following sentiments,

“Intel SGX is the only technology that can protect data in use through hardware based server security. We believe that this amazing technology can significantly enhance the security of iExec decentralized cloud. We’re proud to make this technology accessible for everyone.”

iExec & RSK Collaboration

Bitcoin has long served as a digital currency but the convenience of smart contracts is yet to be realized by BTC users. This is why RSK and iExec RLC (RLC) have collaborated in developing protocols that will allow users on the BTC platform to gain access of smart contracts and scalable computing provided by off-chain protocols. Therefore, iExec recently deployed V1 of its smart contracts on RSK and now users will be able to build apps that leverage the additional computing space. V2 of the smart contracts will also be deployed in two weeks time which will create a market place for cloud computing space, this is a major step in monetization of cloud storage that iExec seeks to achieve finally.


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