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Thousands of digital assets have been deployed in the market with some developed to compete against each other in terms of potential use cases while others have created a niche for themselves by targeting specific industries and creating unique crypto assets customized for the specific needs of that company. It can be an exhausting task for clients to analyse and identify the best digital assets to invest in based on their preferences. This article explores the verge (XVG) to find out why it is worth considering for anyone looking for crypto assets.

XVG in use

One of the key determiners of a digital assets success is the use case for which it is developed. The verge (XVG) currency is limited in supply meaning that value is created by demand. Coins with the most usability experience higher demand thus pushing the price up and creating an opportunity for investors to unlock value from holding the coins. The XVG was built to facilitate daily transactions such as payment for goods. It is not limited to a specific industry giving it endless possibilities in terms of how it can be used.

Bitcoin surged in price due to its ability to facilitate payments of different sizes in a safe secure ecosystem. Banks have recently adopted the verge, a move that will see more users able to use their debit cards to transact using XVG. The bitcoin has continued to disappoint in the recent past and alternatives like XVG offering similar functionality have continued to rise in popularity.

  1. Security and anonymity

Security and privacy have continued to be a major area of discussion and research in the digital market. The verge uses different technologies such as TOR and I2P to ensure users remain anonymous during payments by masking their IP addresses. It makes it impossible to trail transactions making the verge an admirable platform for clients concerned about their security while transacting in the digital economy.

  1. Open source technology

While some altcoins have been developed and their technologies owned by private companies, the verge (XVG) has remained fully open source with its community fully involved in the development and management of the ecosystem. Holders of XVG coins are able to communicate and work directly with the platform’s team of core developers on different projects aimed at improving the platform. Community based digital assets have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past as they put users at the center of the technology creating a large pool of intellectual resource that is incentivized to participate on the platform. It also brings higher levels of accountability and promotes more innovative solutions to challenges faced in the ecosystem.

  1. Cheap transaction costs

The verge was built to facilitate fast and low cost transactions. High fees and low speeds have been a setback in traditional transactions involving fiat currencies. The platform was developed with a large number of coins in circulation to facilitate mass adoption. The more people have access to the XVG, the greater its liquidity and potential use. XVG’s platform also enables for transactions across different blockchains further enhancing the coins functionality.

As more digital assets continue to join the crypto industry, coins that offer the best utility and benefits will become competitive against the peers and give more value to its users. XVG has proven itself to be a worthy contender among the competition and continues to show promise for the future making its coin a great option to buy.


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