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The cryptocurrency market has been hard hit by volatility and any token seen trading on the green rises eyebrows. With so many changes anticipated, the structure of the market is set to shift to tokens that have usability prospects. Storm (STORM) is one of the most sought Altcoins for its real life usability and simplicity.

Investors are keenly following on new tokens as opposed to older ones. Storm offers the much sought after scalability and ancillary functionalities. Storm (STORM) enters the market at a time when governments are battling with unemployment for their citizenry and platform is set to offer a solution through freelancing.

Storm (STORM) Platform for Freelancers

With increased unemployment, freelancing is becoming not only popular but very lucrative. You have the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime. Freelancing is huge market and Storm allows you to position yourself in the global market where your expertise is much needed.

More and more employers are turning to freelancers to cut down on the ever rising wage bills and other permanent employment benefits. With Storm, hiring a one off or on demand freelancer is now possible. This is a network that exposes your niche authority to the job market.

Storm connects you directly to the client cutting off the middleman. Your income is not taxed and you are only charged 1% commission on tasks completed as opposed to the traditional 20-40% being charged by other freelancing platforms. What’s more? Yu are paid using STORM tokens. So, what makes storm the next freelancer haven?

Storm (STORM) Marketplace Design

The Strom freelance outfit is based on Strom Play or Storm market, this platform offers affordable services to the freelancer. Unlike other platforms like Upwork, Turks and Fiver that charge up to 40% commission, Storm charges you only 1%.

Your user profile is not interfered with by any third party. The platform is free to join and you are exposed to over 187 countries and a user base of 0.25million monthly users and still growing. With the implementation of smart contracts, the platform will be easily governed by its native token, STORM.

Storm (STORM) Wealth Transfer

With the Storm Play element, transfer of wealth has never been this easy. With a simple mobile App, you can have access to the whole cryptocurrency market. Storm Play gives you access to available tasks on the platform and you can choose one that matches your skillset and get rewarded.

The storm Shop is another feature where you can shop and get rewarded. This facility allows you to buy select goods or services from freelancers and win rewards.  With the ever increasing number of online shoppers, this is a true game changer for the freelancer.

The Storm Gig feature helps you select micro-tasks and complete then to get rewarded. These are posted from across the globe and if you are good in your specialty, the rewards are not capped. Your time and ability is what will limit your rewards on the Storm platform.

This is a conflict free ecosystem that does not expose you to unnecessary risks. It is all governed by smart contracts. You have a wide range of tasks to perform and bring in unlimited income in a vibrant community.

Storm (STORM) Price Analysis

With the cryptocurrency market still recovering, it will take some time to see marginal gains for all tokens and Storm (STORM) is not exception.   Now trading at $0.044243 and after losing 1.79% to the dollar, STORM has been doing well in the month of April and early May.

Currently the token is ranked 88 by market capitalization after losing market grip in the last 7 days. With the innovative concept, the coin is poised for a brighter future. The freelance market is exploding and mass adoption for STORM is a surefire recipe for growth.


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