Bibox Token (BIX)

Bibox Token (BIX) has seen its user growth rate increase by over 300% monthly as more people appreciate digital asset trading. The platform which is AI & big data based has ventured into the exchange arena with a more sophisticated approach hence increasing its target users. Bibox allows participants to engage in crypto trading with additional functions that professional traders can use to predict trends. This has brought the concept of risk management into the crypto markets that have shown high volatility in the past.

Crypto enthusiasts ought to keep a keen eye on the Bibox token since it among the altcoins whose fundamental value serves well the financial services industry. The coin which is currently traded in the Bibox exchange has three convenient trading pairs; BTC, ETH & USDT. Despite being only five months old BIX has shown potential by hitting an all-time high of $4.08 although this has reduced by more than half as of press date. Bibox is a platform whose token might largely benefit from its secure trading nature and accessibility to traders; this is what Jeffrey Lei, CEO Bibox, had to say about the project,

“Eventually users with different risk tolerance capabilities will have different access to trading services and fees according to their identity”

Why Bibox (BIX) is a success!

  • Standardized listing & delisting

Unlike other crypto exchange platforms Bibox Token (BIX) has an advanced listing procedure aided by the AI tech in the platform. Tokens are taken through an evaluation process in order to assert whether they meet the qualifications to be listed or delisted. The platform is programmed to select digital assets based on quality which means the secondary market provides participants with the best alternatives in crypto. Therefore, it is hard for pump and dump projects to make into this trading platform whose liquidity might be green for a long time if crypto assets become more appreciated.

  • Leverage trading

Short selling has always been a strategy that most traders have made a killing from at one point in time. This is the reason Bibox idea of providing a platform where leverage and contract trading is possible will take the crypto industry to a new level. Other trading platforms mostly offer trading services but the business of making hedge trades like in the financial markets is yet to take effect in the crypto industry. However, this will not last long if more users interested in crypto asset trading are exposed to the Bibox platform which is clearly not a pipe dream according to the market cap statistics.

  • Efficient trading strategies

Cryptocurrencies charts are yet to be fully understood given their short period of existence. However, with the use of AI tech Bibox is able to compute algorithms that can make close to accurate predictions on the price movements. This is highly convenient for crypto preneurs who feel the need to analyze in order to invest according to their individual risk appetites.

BIX Market Overview

Bibox Token (BIX) is trading at $1.12 right now and has been on an upward trend having gained over 85% in the past month. It is among the altcoins with a market cap over the $100 million mark ranking 131 out of close to 1800 cryptocurrencies according to coinmarketcap. However, the coin has shown a high volatility of 52% in the past month making it a risky asset for any risk averse investor. The coin’s potential for growth has hit the max of 120% within 24 hours while drawdown is at a low of 30% which makes the coin more bullish than bearish.


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