With the growing blockchain real world application cases, Verge (XVG) just partnered with Dioxyme for the first ever promotion where XVG users are getting discounts from Dioxyme. Two years ago this was not possible and the old generation coins have not been able to successfully connect with their consumers through product promotions.

Verge online shoppers have everything to smile about now that they the coin is proofing its usability. This collaboration comes at a time when every cryptocurrency is struggling to recover from the market crash early in the year. Entering the supplement market is a surefire way of increasing its user base in the sector.

What does Dioxyme offer to verge (XVG)?

Dioxyme is one of the largest supplement companies in the world and renowned for their world class supplement solutions. The company offers a wide range of products including the Muscle Protein Optimizer, New Zealand Whey Protein, and E.Energy & Focus.

Dioxyme are also leaders in stacks specifically designed for the athlete and weight loss demands. Some of their best products include Muscle Growth Stack, Fat Loss Stack and the Prepare Stack among others. These are product that have gained global appeal and will help Verge (XVG) gain inroads in to the industry.

The deal will see Verge penetrate the supplements industry and offer Dioxyme consumers a fast, secure and transparent way to access their products. On the other hand the supplement company will take advantage of the micro-payment function of the XVG coin and cheap transaction fees to benefit its consumers.

Verge (XVG) Dioxyme Promo Mechanism

To benefit from the Verge (XVG) Dioxyme promotion, you need to use XVG virtual coins to purchase from the Dioxyme online outlet. Just visit their official website and shop. On check out, use the promo code “Verge10” and you automatically get 10% your first purchase. A tweet form the Verge marketing team member “Arend” read;

Unlike the promotions we have seen on in the crypto-sphere, the Verge (XVG) Dioxyme promo is unique. This is between a blockchain based coin and a supplement giant. This has been billed the first use case where you can now use XVG to purchase goods online and enjoy the benefits of the technology.

This means that the transaction speeds are better than the traditional methods. You get low transitions fees and there are no middlemen and possible charge backs. This is a once in a lifetime change for you to use your XBG and get a discount for athletes and ordinary people who want supplements for optimum performance, muscle building, weight loss or just for quick recovery.

Why Dioxyme Chose Verge (XVG)

Verge is a privacy blockchain based cryptocurrency and is the only natural choice for Dioxyme. Most supplement users prefer privacy since they are not comfortable with supplement bills reflecting on their credit card statements. With such partnership, users will opt to take advantage of the privacy and anonymity and add value to the XVG coin value.

Critics have always associated Verge with the dark web but this is the right time for the coin to showcase its clean deals. This is an open source coin that is driven by its community. This will create the hype the coin need especially that is has a high traffic website to boot.

Like many other Altcoins, the success of verge is pegged on the quality of partnerships coming onboard. More partners are in the offing and Verge ability to ward off hackers seems to be working well to cultivate trust and confidence among investors.

Verge (XVG) Market Overview

In line with keeping to the promises of delivering on their privacy solution promise, the coin price in the charts has been of key focus. It has not been a smooth run for the coin during the recovery period but the trends are promising. The coin is trading at $0.056094 with a slight gain of 5.02% against the dollar in the last 24 hours of trading.

Verge (XVG) ranked 29th by market cap of $842,940,230, the coins has seen a slight increase in volumes after $19,414,100 worth of XVG changing hands thus showing a slight growth of 1.82%. With the current and anticipated hype from the platform, there are clear indications that the XVG price is set for a breakout and hit a first time high of above $1 by close of 2018.


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