Dent (DENT)

Mobile data has become an important utility regardless of the region one is situated in the world. This is why the blockchain idea by Dent (DENT) to create a platform where mobile data can be sold is likely to succeed in the near future. The blockchain entity recently announced that they have been making moves to work with over 400 mobile operators within 130 jurisdictions in the world. However, the effect of this move will probably be felt towards Q4 when users will finally be able to fully operate the services offered by Dent on its network. All that is needed is the DENT token which acts as the currency used to purchase and receive mobile data payments.

Just three months ago, the team made a very progressive move in the Asian market. This is after a successful trial completion with PLDT (HK) where Hong Kong based users were able to exchange mobile data for DENT tokens using a prototype app designed for iOS. PLDT (HK) targets the Filipino overseas market which has been quite fruitful hence the need for scalability using a blockchain platform. At this pace the blockchain network by Dent could easily sky rocket if they manage to tap into existing markets by partnerships or collaborations. Joel Lumanlan, PLDT HK General Manager had some positive sentiments in regards to Dent efficiency,

 “PLDT HK is constantly looking for innovative ways to serve the needs of overseas Filipinos. Our test customers warmly welcomed the concept of a mobile data trading app which they could easily use to sell data that they don’t need or buy more data from others. We are thankful to all our customers who participated in this test run,”

The DENT Niche!

  • Mobile data liberation

Dent (DENT) network is primarily built to allow sharing of mobile data freely unlike in the current world where telcos run the show. This technological advancement will allow users to buy, sell or donate mobile data using DENT tokens as the currency for transaction purposes. What Dent brings to the table is a horizontal market structure that will bridge cost or other inefficiencies between telcos & consumers.

  • International Roaming efficiency

Travelling abroad is a good experience but most are the times one finds it very costly to roam using their home telcos. Dent solves the cost related to international roaming through a portal where one is able to buy data from any telco operating in the region they visit as long as they offer their services on the Dent network. This will go a long way in cost cutting and creating new markets for data all over the world.

  • Mobile data bargain

One of the added advantages in using the Dent network is a fair bargain that could be secured upon data purchasing. Users are more likely to have a comparison of data bundles that they can select according to the flexibility of their utility. Also, it is not limited to geographic regions which open up the avenue for operators to increase their supply through blockchain tech.

DENT token Price Analysis

Dent (DENT) is currently 152nd in market cap position with the figures slightly below the $100 million mark. However, the coin has been red in the past two weeks losing 17% to trade at $0.0092 as of press date. Its volatility stands at an average of 46% in the past month which is within the range of crypto market volatility. A couple of crypto enthusiasts have argued that the coin is a good HODL due to its fundamental value & solution.


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