Are you holding Tron (TRX) and are feeling the heat from the falling prices? Well, don’t be. This is a good time to get yourself Tron on the cheap. That’s because what is happening now is a market-wide crash that has seen all cryptos shed a good portion of their value, with bitcoin dropping below $7700.  While everything else will rise again, Tron (TRX) is in an incredibly good position to rise again by even bigger margins. Here’s why.

  1. The upcoming Mainnet launch

In a few days, Tron will be in migrating from the Ethereum blockchain to its own blockchain. This is a widely anticipated by the market, and has been the main factor driving up Tron, pushing it to a high of $0.08 a few days ago.  Now that the price has dropped to $0.069, we are likely to see a surge in volumes as investors move to take advantage of these low prices. Besides, several major exchanges have announced support for the Tron migration, indicating that this event will be a major success. This is a strong enough reason to get into Tron at today’s prices, and reap big once the main net goes live.

  1. Tron is drawing in more developers

You can tell the future success of a crypto project by the quality of its developer team. In the case of Tron (TRX), the team has been pushing hard to woo Ethereum developers to the project. They have used airdrops and other rewards to achieve this end. Given that the incentives involved are worthwhile, one can expect the number and quality of developers joining Tron will grow over time. This can only mean one thing, faster completion of project milestones, which will serve to further drive up the price. As such, getting in now, when prices have dropped is a massive opportunity to profit, as Tron continues to grow in its fundamental strength.

  1. Tron is led by an aggressive and ambitious leader

Sometimes the success or failure of a project has nothing to do with its technical aspects, but the quality of its leadership. In the case of Tron, it probably has one of the most aggressive and passionate leader’s in crypto. Justin Sun, has not only overseen the fast tracking of milestone deadlines, he has made it clear that he wants Tron to be a top 6 coin. Currently, Tron is at number 9 in crypto ranking. Rising to 6th means an increase in its value, and it’s bound to happen once the main net goes lives. That’s a good chance to profit immensely, now that Tron is trading at a bargain price of under $0.07. It won’t be surprising if the value of Tron gets to over $1 as it continues to push up through crypto rankings.

With all these factors, at play, there is absolutely no reason to be sad about today’s price drop. This should actually be viewed as an opportunity to buy some more Tron (TRX) at a massive discount.


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