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 ZenCash (ZEN) has today been listed on Binance with trades opening with trade pairs involving BNB, ETH and BTC. The token’s price has gone up since the listing with each unit currently trading at an equivalent of about USD 48 and 0.006 bitcoins. This represents a growth of more than 40 percent, a contrast to other digital coins that have seen their prices continue to diminish since the trading day begun.

Cryptocurrencies have often seen their prices rise whenever they gain listing in a new exchange, especially major trading platforms such as Binance among others. The listing announcement brings more flexibility to holders of a particular coin as it allows them to transfer their assets between different alternatives that best suit their requirements or perception of the economy at that particular time. ZenCash’s surge in price is a testament to importance the market gives by being able to facilitate trade between different assets.

ZenCash platform

The ZenCash platform has been presented as a secure platform for transactions involving money, messages and media. Besides ZenCash (ZEN) which handles money related transactions, the platform has the ZenChat feature which handles messaging on the blockchain. The messaging application is said to be the most secure messaging platform taking advantage of the safety features of decentralized applications technology.

The messaging platform targets both users as an individual messaging app and businesses which can embed it in their applications to facilitate communication between them and their clients. Businesses have increasingly taken communication as a central part of their customer service strategies with chat functionalities designed into their websites and applications.


ZenCash is working on projects that are aimed at introducing more applications that will expand the platform’s functionality. Among the features set to be introduced are ZenPub which will handle sharing of media. Freedom of speech has been an area that has faced various challenges in many countries with concerns over government and other institutions’ role in managing the kind of information that is shared by individuals. Censorship of content is a common phenomenon in many jurisdictions especially in immature democracies. The ZenPub application will enable users to share content of different kinds while retaining their anonymity and in a manner that limits censorship. This application could see not only an expansion in the freedom of expression but also see relevant Content made available by incentivizing users to share accurate information.


Besides allowing persons to share without the risk of being censored, ZenCash through its ZenHide feature, targets already censored information by allowing users to gain access to such information using characteristics that mask the users identify Making it look like the information is being accessed from an authorized person. The freedom of expression and rights to access information go hand in hand and the ZenCash ecosystem provides an avenue through which various challenges that have faced these areas have been addressed.

It is no doubt that ZenCash (ZEN) and its entire ecosystem brings world changing applications that are likely to enhance various sections of our day to day lives. The Binance listing of the ZenCash coin further strengthens this possibilities by expanding the platform’s reach while creating value for users on the ecosystem. Often, listings result in a price surge in the initial days but digital coins have had to rely on other aspects of their technology and applications to continue gaining value against peers and other traditional asset classes. The ZenCash platform enables far reaching applications that give it an opportunity to continue growing in value.


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