The crypto markets have been highly volatile compared to any other class of assets in the financial markets right now. The total market capitalization stands at the over $300 billion mark with over 1800 cryptocurrencies in circulation. However, this market has a few major players like Ripple & Stellar both of which fall under top 10 altcoins in market cap.

Ripple (XRP)

Ripple (XRP) is currently position 3 in market cap and has been consistent with this ranking for a while now. The altcoin’s market cap is slightly over $23 billion while its liquidity ratio is at 1.91% which shows the crypto is quite relevant & transactions are picking up. XRP tokens are currently trading at $0.59 against the USD while one token goes for 0.00008041 against the BTC according to coinchekup. This large cap coin has an average volume of $310 million traded daily with Bitbank leading other coin exchanges in XRP volumes moved.

The XRP price has been bearish in the past month dropping by 34% while its Return on Investment stood at -29% placing it last amongst the 4 large cap coins. Price volatility for the XRP coin remains relatively high as is the nature in crypto with the last 20 days at 16%. This is the general range within the crypto arena although XRP seems to be slightly volatile than its peer coins at the moment. XRP which is almost 5 years has had an all-time high of $3.84 which was way back in the bullish market towards the end of 2017. Given that XRP’s max growth in a day is a at a high of 84% while the drawdown stands at -44%, it is possible for XRP to surge up to $5 once self-correction in the market happens.

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

This is another altcoin under the top 10 cryptos as of press date. It is traded in over 10 coin exchanges with Binance leading in volume of XLM coins exchanged for the BTC. Stellar has a market cap of $5.13 billion placing it 8th out of the close to 1800 cryptocurrencies in the markets. XLM is a mid-cap coin whose average volume traded in a day ranges around $30 million. Its liquidity ratio is at 0.83% with 18 billion coins currently in supply although the max amount is 103 billion coins. One XLM is trading at $0.2763 against the dollar while 0.00003746 is its value against Satoshi’s coin right now.

Just like XRP, Stellar has been bearish losing 29% in the past month. However, its Return on Investment in comparison to peer mid-cap coins has been good with the coin securing 2nd position out of 8. The altcoin’s volatility has been at 33% in the last month which is by far volatile than any bond or security investment. Stellar (XLM) is quite prospectus since the cumulative return stands at over 9000% for close to 4 years which the crypto has existed. Therefore, it is possible for this digital currency to jump back & surpass its all-time high of $0.9 and probably hit the $1 mark while at it.


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