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Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund received a gift of immense value to Ellen and Ripple (XRP) investors this Wednesday from Aston Kutcher, the former MTV Punk’d host. On the popular show, The Ellen Show, Aston offered the vast amount to Ellen’s charity fund that aims to save wildlife, as a sign of gratitude. Most of the viewers however were amazed at the simplicity of transfer of the amounts as Aston chose to use Ripple to make the transfer.

“Ripple is basically a platform to allow people to transfer money from bank account to bank account, person to person, really securely, really simply, really quickly,” said Kutcher.

Can you remember the traditional way of doing such transfers? Coming on stage with a big cheque written “Four million dollars only” on it? You couldn’t touch the money yet since you need to go to the bank and cash out the cheque hoping it wouldn’t bounce etc. (Maybe Aston could be pulling a comeback ‘Punk’d’ series). You’ll have to wait some few days for verification before accessing your own gifted money. The transaction fees involved would be comparatively high.

Thanks to Ripple and XRP, the processes were minimized to less than 10 seconds on real time television. The process of transferring cash is that easy and simple. The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund received $4 million USD almost in an instant showing the potential of cryptocurrencies in easing the transfer of funds across banks.

“The Ripple protocol (token represented as XRP) is meant to enable the near instant and direct transfer of money between two parties. Any type of currency can be exchanged, from fiat currency to gold to even airline miles.”

Aston and his longtime friend, Guy Oseary, offered the amount to Ellen through their tech startup, Sound Ventures. The company invested in Ripple in 2017 buying large stakes in the company as institutional investors. Ripple (XRP) is looking to set its flag banner high in these early days of crypto innovation. The crypto-practical nature of XRP makes the coin most likely to succeed amongst its peers.

Ripple users should be very excited on this news as XRP gained enough coverage on such an episode. The advertising and marketing team of Ripple have been doing an excellent job in securing media time and consumers attention. This will soon be reciprocated by increase in adoption and ownership of XRP and it offers the investors a perfect opportunity to buy and hold.

Numbers on the board

Ripple (XRP) is still holding on as the third largest cryptocurrency on Coinmarketcap according to market capitalization size. The digital asset is currently priced at $0.6336 USD, representing a slight 1.25% percent rise in the last 24 hours as the market recovers from a slight slide in the previous week. The coin is expected to test the $1 mark by the end of the year with the recent developments showing signs of a bullish momentum.


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