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Exciting news keep hitting the headlines as Ripple (XRP) use cases continue being witnessed across the globe. This is a clear proof that the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency usage is here to stay. With more merchants get onboard, the XRP value will continue to rise. Ripple is now listed on iOS Socks App and partners with one of the biggest player in real estate.

Ripple has finally made its inroads into the lucrative real estate industry by the Propy partnership. This will make it easy for XRP and Propy users to purchase properties anywhere in the world using the blockchain technology. This also makes the ownership process easy and affordable for the ordinary real estate enthusiast.

Ripple (XRP) Lists on iOS Stocks App

The popularity of Ripple (XRP) usability continues as the third largest coin by market cap gets listed on IOS Stocks App. This means that XRP will be running on NASDAQ tech exposing to more currency pairing including ETH, EUR, BTC, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD, JPY and INR.

At the moment, you can now bet real time XRP price on NASDAQ and the additional pairing is a clear indication of what Ripple is set to offer its users. With Apple including XRP, you are now able to stay on top of things and get all market information on the go.

With the anticipated rebranding of the of the Ripple ecosystem, more interest is being focused on the future of the digital coin usability and how it is set to disrupt the banking industry. This is a cross currency network that is interoperable and paying using other currencies is possible.

Ripple (XRP) Propy Partnership

Propy is a global blockchain platform that enables its users to buy and own property anywhere in the world. By partnering with Ripple, the real estate outfit seeks to make it easier for property enthusiast to make cross border payment for properties listed on the Propy marketplace.

After the partnership between the two companies was complete, a tweet from the ripple handle, Ripple continues to create a lot of excitement across the two communities;

With the partnership, XRP as a way of making payment is accepted on the Propy. This is one of the most innovative ways of owning property anywhere in the world. The Propy application was exclusively accepting only BTC and ETH. With the inclusion of XRP, the system will benefit from the huge Ripple user base and take advantage of low cost and faster transactions.

How does Propy work?

With the Propy App the process of buying property across the globe becomes very easy, secure, fast and seamless. The system facilitates cross border transactions; all you need to do is show interest on a property and let the system assist you with the paperwork.

Propy help users with the property search process. It connects you with real estate experts across the world. Your search is details and the system provides you with in-depth information about the property neighborhoods, social amenity connectivity, noise, air and water pollution and green building certifications among others.

Propy is using the blockchain technology to help governments issue title dead online. This is a secure and cost effective process that takes several minutes as opposed to the traditional method where the process takes months or even years to complete. This partnership is set to spur XRP growth as we enter Q3.

Ripple (XRP) Market Recap

The Ripple (XRP) and Propy news are yet to create hype around the XRP price in the market at the time of reporting. The Ripple price remains on the red trading at $0.613280 after losing 1.72% against the USD in the last 24 hours.

The dip, however, can be attributed to the current market slow down which is expected to change in the coming weeks. Property and in general, real estate is  a hot industry and this should add value to both partners with XRP value anticipated to increase as more adopters and increased usage is in the offing.


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