IOTA (MIOTA) is becoming the darling for partners ready to adopt the blockchain technology to improve their operations and instill efficiency in their systems. IOTA partnership with UNOPS and UN is clear indication how the technology has real world applications. These are organizations of repute and the partnership means a lot to the crypto world.

IOTA is the world’s leading open source outfit with a distributed ledger ideal for large scale data management. The platforms capabilities and the uniqueness of the Tangle technology have already been tested and proven to provide practical solutions in data management. This is a strong point behind the UNOPS and UN Collaboration.

UNOPS /UN and the IOTA Choice

The UNOPS /UN choice for IOTA (MIOTA) is not a surprise to many crypto supporters and enthusiasts. IOTA currently leads the crypto-sphere with real world use case projects that are set to change how we interact with the new technology and how it is being fueled by digital coins.

IOTA innovative technology is the driving force behind the decision by the two organizations to join and seeks ways to increase efficiency in how the two work with more emphasis on UNOPS operations.

“We share a vision where machines, devices, sensors and people connect and communicate to each other – it’s the world of ‘Industry 4.0.’ Harnessing technology that allows for these processes to work simultaneously, without the need for intermediaries, will help expedite our mission as an organization,” said Yoshiyuki Yamamoto, UNOPS Special Advisor on Blockchain Technology.

In response to UNOPS sentiments, Dominik Schiener added;

“We are thrilled to begin working together with UNOPS and to tackle current and future challenges together.  The IOTA Foundation is fully committed to putting the IOTA Tangle to work on behalf of important humanitarian and development causes.”

IOTA Ledger in Focus

The state of the art IOTA distributed ledger has the capacity to provide unsurpassed data management, document tracking, supply chain and real time traceable transactions that the UN desperately needs going forward. This is a multi-layered organization and IOTA can offer a central data depository.

According to the IOTA Co-founder David Sønstebø;

“Shared global problems require shared global solutions.  With our open-source, permission-less innovation approach, IOTA’s distributed ledger technology lends itself uniquely to this kind of cooperative problem-solving.”

With the Iota Tangle technology, data and information sharing between the organizations, partners and stakeholders can become more efficient and transform how the UNOPS operates. Data stored in the system cannot be manipulated; it is secure and shared in real time.

IOTA Foundation Welcomes New Team Members

In order to maintain its market leadership, the IOTA Foundations is strengthening its team as has added Richard Soley and Jakub Cech. This is a major boost for a network that is set to become a global brand. Richard come onboard with past technical experience in the blockchain industry and is set to move the IOTA agenda to the next level. On Joining the IOTA Foundation Supervisory Board as a member, Richards said;

“Trustworthiness is the core of security and privacy. I joined the IOTA project because it’s the right solution for providing trustworthiness — properly and safely distributed — for new architectures like IoT and cryptocurrency. And it’s an honor to work alongside such a brilliant and dedicated team!”

Jacub Cech on is part comes in as the product manager and brings in a lot of wealth of experience in the software development. This will spearhead IOTA quest to add more products in the market in order to growth adoption and facilitate the ever increasing demand for blockchain based real world solutions.


With the current market slump, IOTA (MIOTA has not been spared and has not been doing well in the past one week. The coin is still trading in the red after dropping 5.49% to the dollar to trade at $1.44. However, with the latest development and especially the growing institutional interest, the price is set to surge toward the end of Q3 and posed to hit a high of $5 be end of the year.

This is the right time to buy and hold for the long term investor. With the increasing real world use cases, IOTA is soon spreading to more sectors and this will see the MIOTA coin gain traction and the eventual value that the community deserves.


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