Cardano, Cardano Rust

Cryptocurrency use cases are on the rise and many digital coin investors are turning their attention to the usability and price aspect of any coin. With many new coins entering the market every other day, choosing the right buy can be a hard choice for new as well as seasoned traders.

Most speculators look at the price and with the general market on the red, it could be the right time to buy and hld. However, this could be a good idea for long the long term investor; it might not work well for the short term enthusiast. With more whales holding to the coin at the moment, the value will definitely gain traction.

Why Ripple (XRP)

Ripple is one of the leading spendable digital coin at the moment and a leader in the remittance sector. This is a transaction platform based on the popular shared public ledger with the largest circulation supply to boot. With the recent adoption y Santander, UniCredit, UBS and several banks of repute, ripple has what it takes to be the coin of the future.

XRP price is still under $1 making it the best entry point into the cryptocurrency market for the ordinary user. However, your focus should be the forces behind the coin. Ripple has partnered with Bithumb, a South Korean exchange. This is also a strategic outfit that will help XRP gain traction and value soon. This is a global brand set to explode in value.

A surge in XRP price is anticipated thanks to a boost from the London Block Exchange and UpHold. UpHold is a unique bank that specializes in digital currencies and buying Ripple through the outfit attracts no fee which is an easy to stock up RXP now, hold and reap the gains later. The money remittance market is getting bigger and buying Ripple (XRP) is a surefire way of getting a piece of the pie.

Litecoin (LTC)

The general price movement in the market has not been very stable and this has not spared Litecoin (LTC). The price dip of the coin could be a good chance to jump in and buy. Currently trading at $113.83 might seem to be on the higher side but in real sense this is a drop from the all-time high of $345 late in December.

The coin is fast gaining popularity and this is translating to traction and value growth. This is the Bitcoin alternative but with faster transaction seeds and near zero fees. The technology behind the ecosystem has enticed more investors and the slow market could be the turning point for LTCC.

If the market improves and LTC gets back to its glory days, it can turn out to be a good bargain. This has a huge global usability potential and the micro-payment aspect is a big win for it to grow through mass adoption.

Qtum (QTUM)

Qtum (QTUM) is another sleeping giant that is becoming a popular buy. Currently, the coin is investing heavily on its infrastructure and has launched the Qtum X86 Virtual Machine to propel it to the next level. With a price of $12.70 at the time of writing is a good opportunity to buy and HODL.

With the introduction of X86 Virtual Machine, Qtum is set to become the best App deployment outfit. With more and more developers looking for platforms to build their decentralized applications, Qtum is becoming the preferred destination; this simply means staking your money on the platform is a surefire way of gaining in the near future.

These three coins have the best potential once the market gets back on its feet. With more efforts being put on perfecting their infrastructures, bring in more partnerships and focusing on solving real world problems, it could be the best decision to make from today going forward.


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