After a long wait, Theta (THETA) token has been listed on the Binance exchange. This is a huge milestone for the small token and the community behind it. However, the coin has become a major player in the video streaming sector. The Theta token is used to incentivize users to share memory and bandwidth.

With many Altcoins now focusing on their real world use cases, Theta is set to dominate the less competitive video streaming industry. Getting listed on Binance is make it accessible throughout the globe and help participants enjoy the very many benefits of using the blockchain technology.

Theta (THETA) Token; Additional Binance Choices

Binance stands to benefit from the listing as it will see more Theta transactions pass through their system and make profits. Theta on the other side will enjoy the benefits of an exchange that is respected, has a wide market coverage and global appeal.

The listing of Theta (THETA) to the exchange simply stated:

Fellow Binancians,

Binance will open trading for THETA/BNB, THETA/BTC and THETA/ETH trading pairs at 2018/05/29 07:30 AM (UTC). Users can now start depositing THETA in preparation for trading.

Thanks for your support!

Binance Team

Why Choose Theta Platform

Theta (THETA) will have a wide range of pairs to trade and more are likely to be added soon. With the growing interest video streaming, the token is likely to skyrocket in popularity and value in the coming months. Compared to the traditional video streaming platforms, Theta delivers quality in steaming delivery attested by high resolution.

Theta has also been proven as the natural choice for Virtual reality (VR) streaming. The system offers very low fees to access their products. With live streaming, you can use peer nodes to access high quality streams. Sharing of nodes in the network lowers the cost of bandwidth which is a major bottle neck for the ordinary streamer.

Theta (THETA) Binance listing Market Reaction

The listing of THETA seems to have been holding the key for the token to jump into the green in the market. Just hours after the listing announcement was made, the coin price shot up with a double digit percentage. With the rest of the Altcoins still stranded on the red, THETA appears to have gotten the push it was missing.

At the time of writing, the coin was trading at $0.250241 after gaining 32.98%, 35.49% and 36.50% against the USD, BTC and ETH respectively in a span of 424 hours. The token is currently ranked at 87 by market capitalization. With a total volume of $67.5million worth of THETA changing hands, Binance pushed 31.62% with Huobi exchange coming second with 29.65%.

Is Theta (THETA) Token Worth Staking?

Just like any other digital currency it is about what the token or coin stands for and the kind of solutions you are looking for as an investor. If you have a video streaming business or website, this is an outfit you can try. It will be worth every penny given that the costs are low and the quality high.

Theta (THETA) has the potential given the market it is targeting. This is a good mass adoption niche that has a lot of growth possibilities. This is true cryptocurrency network that utilizes the blockchain technology to solve real life problems. You do not need to go far to know how expensive video streaming is with a lot of compromise on the quality.


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