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The popularity of TRON (TRX) since the beginning of the years continues to be cemented at a time when major market movers are still bleeding. With a very supportive community and a developer team, TRON is turning out to be a model digital family. TRX holders are kept in the loop of any development on the network.

Over the last few months, the developer team has not been sitting on their laurels waiting for the market to recover. Instead, they have been working behind the scenes to give the investor value for their money. The team transparency and periodic updates makes TRON user centric and TRX a coin to have.

There are many goodies for the TRON community that is healthy for the future of the digital currency. With several events lined up for the outfit and the increasing number of real world use cases, TRON is living to the realities of the blockchain technology.

TRON MainNet Launch

This is a major event for the team behind TRON (TRX) and the tightly knit community. The MainNet will improve the platforms structures and make it user friendly. Of more importance is the confidence the move is going to give the investors and users.

Moving to their independent blockchain means more users can come onboard, enjoy the platforms low fees and build their systems on a stable ecosystem. With many vulnerabilities having been reported from the parent Ethereum outfit, going its solo is an assurance enough that the system is secure and safe.

Other Key TRON Developments

The TRON outfit is built on three pillars; the actual structure, the consensus protocol and the main wallet. These have over the last few months have undergone tremendous changes. This has translated into additional efficiency and value addition to the token value.

With several issues reported on the TRON RPC front, the team has been able to iron the issue without interfering with the platform operations. Response to bugs has seen outstanding and continuous tests are being done to ensure there are not threats whatsoever.

Optimization of the consensus protocol is already complete and token swap is anticipated to be seamless during the MainNet launch. With several bugs and malicious witness behaviors having been noted, it appears this will be corrected before the MainNet event.

TRON wallet verification mechanism optimization is also underway. This will handle the contracts validity function of the outfit. Although there more wallets that need testing, test are ongoing to beat the MainNet event.

TRON Partnership Deals 

In a bit to build future bridges, TRON (TRX) has brought onboard a wealth of partnerships that will drive its growth agenda.  With these and additional cryptocurrency exchanges, the route to the market for the coin is clear cut. vSport and Hydro Protocols are some partners of repute that TRON has been able to collaborate with.

As the platform prepares for the MainNet and token swap, overwhelming support h come from some of the best exchanges in the market including Binance, BitHumb, DragonX, Liqui and RightBTC among others. These will render technical support during and after the swap and are also seen as prime mover of the TRX volumes going forward.

TRON’s Current Performance in the Market

The market generally has been low with both mainstream currencies and Altcoins trading in the red. This has been the case with (TRON) TRX. However, the token has started showing some recovery signs in the past few days which have seen it gain marginally against the USD and BTC over the last 24 hours.

At the time of writing the TRON (TRX) is trading at $0.065303 translating to gains of 3.55% to the dollar, 0.52% to BTC but losing 2.69 to ETH. It is still early to conclude that the price is going north but it is a sign of what could happen once the MainNet and token swap are complete.


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