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The Golem project is one of a kind within the cryptocurrency arena making its token gain value and rank among top 40 coins in market cap right now. This project designed an open source & decentralized supercomputer accessible by anyone. The idea is to create a market place for computational space through combining the power of users within the platform. Its capabilities cover a wide scope that is important to the developers & gamers in this decade; scientific computations, machine learning & CGI rendering.

Investors within the crypto arena have been bullish on the prospects of this coin with most of its community hopeful that the token will hit the $1 mark by the end of 2018. Golem (GNT) falls in the category of blockchain platforms currently utilizing Ethereum standards in operations within its network. Hosts who sell computational space need not to be worried about isolation of their personal space and privacy since the computations happen in sandbox environs. Golem has been green in the past one a half month gaining close to 60% in its price; this can be attributed to the general crypto performance & the following;

  • Mainnet launch on Ethereum

Golem (GNT) recently released its beta “Brass” which has now been running on the Ethereum Mainnet for close to two months. This came after the coin has successfully operated since its $8 million ICO a year and a half ago. Some members of the Golem community had started criticizing the developers hence the milestone came as a relief to both parties as well as crypto preneurs.

Brass is a proof of concept pioneered for testing the Golem platform so that users can have an actual feel of the effectiveness in this blockchain concept. Golem’s long term goals include cost cutting and providing an open source solution to developers who often require additional computing space for their projects. Once the testing is over, Golem will launch an online cloud for general computation purposes. The community expects the next release “Clay” to solve computation synchronization by provision of globally decentralized supercomputers.

  • Binance & Bithumb listing

Cryptocurrencies have shown price improvements if listed in a new coin exchange especially big players like Binance. GNT tokens were listed in Binance towards the end of April which saw its price rally by almost 45% in the following week. This has been an important process in boosting crypto enthusiast confidence about specific altcoins hence the significant move in price almost instantly. Bithumb is another leading coin exchange that listed GNT tokens in the beginning of May increasing the token’s prospects as we approach Q3. In addition, Golem has liquidated.

GNT Market Price Analysis

Golem (GNT) are trading at $0.6393 & 0.00008470 against the USD & BTC respectively at the moment. This altcoin has been highly bullish in the past 24 hours gaining 15% in its price while volume traded stands at a high of $93 million according to coincheckup. The coin’s all time high is at $1.25 while the maximum drawdown & growth within 24 hours stand at -55% & 66% respectively. This is an indication of its high volatility, a common feature for digital assets right now.


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