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Dent (DENT) is challenging the status quo in the telecommunication mobile app industry as it closes in on WhatsApp as the fastest growing app in Bangladesh. The platform has also performed very well in Mexico as it overtook Microsoft Outlook and is fast approaching Microsoft Word in terms of the number downloaded. On first June, the platform saw an increase of 115,000 in less than 36 hours to bring its users to over 500,000. It is however getting more attention compared to already established platforms such as Google Drive which has over a Billion downloads globally. The Dent app is available on both Play Store and iOS Stores.

Growth of Dent (DENT) in Bangladesh

Over the past few days, Dent has been seen as the fastest growing blockchain platform by users having grown its user base by close to 50% since the beginning of the month. Its target is to reach a million users within 4 weeks through its mobile applications.

Since launching in Bangladesh, it has grown to have 63% of its users coming from the country with the Mexico and USA constituting 19% and 12% respectively. According to GSMA intelligence, Bangladesh is the world’s 9th largest mobile market with a 51% penetration rate. It is estimated that the market will grow to over 107 million and with the launch of 4G services, mobile broadband adoption will increase from 29% to 82% between 2017 and 2025, creating a great opportunity for Dent.

About DENT

The platform was created by Dent Wireless Company as an Ethereum based mobile application to decentralize the management of data and airtime for users across the globe. The application had the USA and Mexico as its initial target market.

Users are required to use the tokens for the purchase of data plans with payments received in the same currency as well. The tokens can be gotten as rewards for users viewing ads on the platform to encourage user interactions with the application. They can also be purchased in exchanges or received as payment for selling data packages to other users on the Dent platform. Besides creating a market place for data products, the platform also aims at eliminating data roaming charges which are currently very high. It also aims at reducing wastage by encouraging data sharing among its users.

Dent enables its users to sell their unused data and airtime on the dent market place creating value for users who have traditionally lost billions in unused data and airtime plans that have expired. The fast success of Dent in Bangladesh comes as four major telecom operators in the country, with a combined reach of 90% of the telecom market joining the platform. Dent has taken advantage of decentralization to ensure that users are not restricted and they can sell their unused resources to users from other jurisdictions irrespective of the telecom provider.

DENT tokens are the primary currency on the platform. The tokens have experienced a growth in market capitalization of over 51% since May 29th, a likely result of the rapid increase in the platform’s user base over the same period.


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