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Ripple (XRP) seems to be moving from one win to the next. In the last few weeks, multiple financial institutions have adopted ripple as their crypto of choice in making cross-border payments. Top of the list being Santander group. It has also been mentioned by the IMF as one of the cryptos that could change the face of finance.

With adoption gaining steam, the Ripple team is taking things to the next level, by looking into the future. They are doing this by investing in blockchain research. Yesterday Ripple announced that they were launching a $50 million initiative to fund blockchain technology research.

Under this initiative, ripple will collaborate with 17 of the world’s best research institutions  on matters blockchain. In specifics, the research will focus on increasing the scope of understanding of blockchain technology. It will also focus on meeting student demand for blockchain technology, as well as initiating dialogue about this technology, among the academics and business leaders. While this may not have a direct impact on ripple (XRP) today, it is long–term investment that will have a massive impact on the value of ripple for years to come. It is news that gives you confidence that in the next 5 years, ripple (XRP) could be worth hundreds of dollars a coin based on what could come out of this research.

That’s because when the top brains in the world get fully involved in blockchain research, sooner or later they will come up with something revolutionary.  Once that happens, it is ripple that stands to benefit the most, since it is the one paying for the research. At the moment ripple is one of the most adopted cryptos in the world. If by any chance research comes up with something that can make ripple even better, it could easily replace fiat, and hit valuations never seen before.

On top of that, the fact that the research aims to stimulate dialogue about blockchain technology will see academics come up with regulator models that best serve the interests of cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology in general. A positive regulatory model is good for the growth of the cryptocurrency space, and its cryptos like ripple (XRP) that stand to benefit the most. That’s because ripple (XRP) is already in favor with the finance industry, including with the IMF. In essence, if academics and business leaders come up with regulatory models that make things even better and governments adopt them, then ripple (XRP) would be well on its way to becoming the default global currency.

Basically what all this means is that, ripple is investing in creating a favorable future for itself, and crypto space in general. This should reassure you as an investor that by investing in ripple (XRP), your money is guaranteed to grow.

It isn’t hard to envision a future where ripple will the crypto everyone uses for their day-to-day transactions. This is definitely the best time to invest in ripple (XRP) before the boat sails, and it will soon!


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