After the release of the TRON (TRX) MainNet, the new coin holders are waiting in anticipation of what is next for the platform. Many were expecting to see a surge in the TRX price while others bought into the coin and expect better days ahead.

The platform has gone out of its way to get listed in major exchanges in readiness for mass adoption and increased global reach. With a lot of optimism on what the future holds, the price of the TRX has seen a see-saw movement since the middle of May and the same scenario continues.

TRON (TRX) Discontinues ERC20 Services form their Official Site

In an announcement made available to us confirms that the MainNet is still on the 25th June. To prepare for the TRX migration, the official TRON website has discontinued the ERC20 services going forward. After the de-linking from the Ethereum ecosystem, anyone who holds ERC20 tokens stands a chance of losing them.

The TRON Foundation has tweeted:

Depositing of ERC20 tokens on the TRON website comes to an end on 6 June at 12:00 Singapore time. On the same note, it has also been announced that ERC20 token withdrawals from the official TRON website will continue until 22nd June at 12:00 Singapore time.

Failure to Withdraw ERC20 TRX on Time

Many TRX ERC tokens have been worried as what will happen if they do not withdraw their tokens on time. The TRON Foundation has given them a life-line according to the announcement:

“If you are unable to withdraw funds in time, you may contact TRON token holder support to submit a request for withdrawal. This support system will be available until December 31, 2018 Singapore time”.

With many exchanges supporting the TRON platform during the token migration, it should be easy to avoid the tedious process of following up on your digital coins. The announcement continues to say:

“For the security of your funds, please confirm the remaining balance on your ERC20 TRON Office Website balance and withdraw funds into an exchange that supports TRX migration, where you will be able to convert to MainNet tokens”.

The announcement shows how the team behind the project is keen on keeping timelines and this has discerned community members who have been eagerly waiting for the platform to gain its independence from the Ethereum network.

TRON (TRX) Gets Listed on BitoPro

Just hours after the discontinuing the ERC20 service from their official website, Justin Sun has surprised the community with a new TRX listing announcement.

BitoPro listing of TRX will usher in a new trading pair of TRX/TWD. This also means that the exchange will fully support all deposits and withdrawals from 7 June (UTC+8) going forward. This gives holders the flexibility of choosing and exchange of their choice after 4 more having listed TRX in less than one week.

BitoPro is blockchain based and has been in operation for the last four years and it global footprint is a boost for TRON. Hey have successfully operated Bitcoin wallet and provided similar services in Taiwan and beyond. The goal of the exchange is to list digital assets that will discern both local and international investors.

TRON (TRX) Price Recap

Contrary to the expectations of many investors and TRON adorers, the activities around the platform seems to have slowed the price momentum with the coin trading at $0.059061 with a drop of 0.91% against the USD in the last 24 hours. However, when the systems are in place, a breakout is likely to move the coin north.

It will be interesting to see what happens after the token migration takes place towards the end of June. The realignment and listing of TRX on numerous exchanges may make or break the token. However, Justin Sun one man show on twitter is set to bear fruit for the community; it is just a matter of days.


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