Tron (TRX) launched its main net a few days ago, but the price has not lived up to most people’s expectations. However, anyone focused on Tron’s price at the moment is missing out on the big picture. The focus should be on what can be achieved using the Tron (TRX) blockchain.  It is the scope of application of the Tron blockchain that an investor should focus on at the moment. Looking at Tron (TRX) the future looks pretty good. There is a wide array of industries that can make use of the Tron blockchain, and drive up its value.

One of the industries in which, the Tron (TRX) blockchain has a huge use case is gaming.  The gaming industry is a multi-billion industry, and it’s increasingly getting disrupted by blockchain technology, and Tron is at the forefront of this disruption. That’s because it has all the technical capabilities that allows for the development of complex online games, in a decentralized environment. For instance, the Tron blockchain has zero fees, which gives game developers a low cost platform to develop their games. The Tron (TRX) blockchain also has the capacity to hit transaction speeds of up to 10,000 transaction speeds, making it the perfect platform for the development of heavy games, aimed at global audience.

But that’s just potential, is there an actual use case pointing towards the adoption of the Tron blockchain in the gaming industry? Well, the good news is that this is already happening.  Game developers are already launching some cool games on the Tron blockchain, games that have the potential to go viral, and drive up the value of Tron (TRX). A good example of such a game is the Cropbytes game that is running on the Tron blockchain. This is a virtual farming game where players can grow farm animals, crops as well as own farm machinery. The best part about this game is that winnings are paid out in actual Tron (TRX). This is a big deal, and will see a massive usage of Tron (TRX), driving up its value.

Once more games like Cropbytes launch on the Tron blockchain, this crypto will be headed to the moon. The rise will happen not because of hype, but an actual use value, that is unrivalled by other platform blockchains.   Besides, Tron is also partnering with, a blockchain based gaming platform. This partnership is guaranteed to drive up the number of games running on the Tron blockchain, further driving up the value of Tron (TRX).

As an investor, your focus should not be on the price ticks that Tron is making every minute, but the use cases of this blockchain, such as Cropbytes. If a few more games like Cropbytes launch on Tron, the value of this crypto could be easily top a value of $1 within 2018. Such a possibility makes Tron’s current price a good opportunity to accumulate this crypto, before the price shoots up. The future looks bright!


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