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On a previous article on Waves (WAVES) we focused on how the platform will revolutionize the current methods of raising startup capital. In simple terms, the platform allows its users to launch initial coin offerings (ICOs) on the platform creating capital for their startups. This issue looks at the various reasons why you should select Waves Platform as your blockchain of choice to launch your own token. We also offer a brief description of the Waves Decentralized exchange (DEx) and its use to the user. Finally we discuss the WAVES token offering all the crucial price information and ICO details.

The current smart contract technology is falling behind as it faces various problems on the associated blockchains. The pioneer smart contract platform, Ethereum has in the recent past faces issues of slow transaction times, expensive transaction fees and scalability (or the lack thereof) issues. The dark clouds hovering above Ethereum has prompted many of smart contract developers to look for greener pastures elsewhere. Ethereum is also coded using Solidify, a common language across developers but hard to implement and make changes on the blockchain.

Waves (WAVES) offers its users with a user friendly and simple to use blockchain platform to launch their own tokens on smart contracts. Furthermore, users can choose to trade and exchange their new tokens on the Waves Decentralized exchange (DEx) after release. Through the sections below, we focus on the importance of WAVES blockchain in launching ICOs and building decentralized apps.

Why choose WAVES to launch your ICO?

  1. Wave platform offers a cost efficient network to launch ICO

Blockchain innovations have mostly opted for a custom crowdfunding window. However, this is not the cheapest alternative with custom platforms like Waves in the market. Users only require minimal capital to put up their blockchain tokens for sale on the Waves network. This is relatively scalable with flexible options on which currencies one wants to trade their tokens against.

  1. The WAVES DEx platform

The network offers users with a ready marketplace to trade their launched tokens. The Waves DEx boosts the overall early adoption of your new tokens. Most blockchains do not offer such a platform, showing the might of Waves in smart contract development.

  1. Easy to use and user-friendly platform

Creating your ICO has never been easier. You can create your own token on Waves in less than 5 minutes by creating an account on the platform.

  1. Highly scalable blockchain

Waves is one of the fastest blockchains with over 1000 transactions on the second. This offers the developers on the platform with freedom to create their dApps on the platform without worrying about overcrowding in the network.

Price Volatility

“Waves (WAVES) is the fuel that drives the Waves Platform. The token is used as rewards on the platform to developers, you can buy decentralized applications on the platform using WAVES and investors can trade the currency in real time exchanges.”

During WAVES initial coin offering in June 2016, a total of 100 million pre-mined WAVES tokens were released for sale at an average price of $1. This remains as the total number of tokens available in circulation with each token trading at roughly $4.59 as at time of press. This represents a total weekly increase of 13.90% in a week that has seen the overall market value of cryptocurrencies slightly rise.

The token is currently ranked 39th on Coinmarketcap rankings with a total market cap of $481,756,000 USD.


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