INS Ecosystem (INS)

With industry specific digital coins on the increase and their popularity growing, there are some sectors that have been neglected for a long time. INS Ecosystem (INS) has entered the grocery industry to create a platform where the consumer can interact with brands of their choice seamlessly.

INS Ecosystem (INS) is a surprise entrant into the cryptocurrency market with a twist. It is set to revolutionize the online grocery business. With retail monopoly being the main bottleneck, streamlining the $98 billion industry is in the offing.

Simply put, the INS ecosystem will make it possible for direct interaction between the consumer and brands through mass personalization of data the team behind the innovation is drawn from professionals with solid experience in the grocery industry.

INS Ecosystem Use Cases

INS has hit the ground running and real world use cases on the platform are on the rise. The token has partnered with a UK based chai latte outfit, Drink me Chai. The tea brand is available in major supermarkets across the UK and exported to more than twenty countries globally.

Drink me Chai offer select health products that come with natural flavors spiced with Indian spices. The company has over 8 chai latte varieties and the portfolio keeps growing. A set percentage of their sales are channeled to charity work through Pratham, an organization taking care of disadvantaged children in India.

Virtue, a global energy water brand has also partnered with INS to give their brands a wider global reach and appeal. With INS personalized loyalty programs, Virtue will have a big boost to position itself in the grocery industry. Earlier, INS partnered with PostNL, a leading ecommerce logistic out fit in the Netherlands,.

How does INS Ecosystem Work?

The INS Ecosystem uses INS tokens to fuel its platform, as a consumer, you use these tokens to purchase products from manufacturers who are affiliated to the ecosystem. However, the system does not restrict you to using digital coins, you can also use fiat, ETH or BTC.

As a manufacturer, you need to buy INS tokens and keep a minimum balance to comfortably participate in the system. The platform supports manufacturers in cross marketing and they earn loyalty points that they pass to their consumer as part of the outfit’s adoption strategy.

When manufacturers interact directly with the consumer through sales, promotions, the INS volumes in the market will skyrocket and this will translates to the token value traction going forward. The grocery industry is very vibrant and this could soon see INS in the top 50 tokens by the end of 2018.

INS Ecosystem Benefits

As a consumer, you have access to high quality groceries at near manufacturer price. This gives you an option from what you get from your local retails store. The platform offers you the best convenience and you are charged to the micro-payment t level.

As a manufacturer, INS gives you full control on your listing and pricing. As a participant, you have free access to marketing and promotion tools directly to your audience and you get real time feedback from the market.

INS Ecosystem (INS) Performance in the Market

INS Ecosystem (INS) appears to be a very promising token and value for any investor money. At the time of writing, the INS token was trading at $1.17 after marginally gaining 5.77% to the USD in the last 24 hours. INS has been gaining steadily and the price seems to be building up for a breakout.

With more partners coming up and the token getting listed on major exchanges, the future looks bright. A little hype and sensitization is all what is holding the token under the $5 threshold. However, the project is still beta stages and its potential is yet to be exploited.


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