The cryptocurrency markets have been on a bearish trend recently reducing the market cap below the $300 billion mark. TRON is among the altcoins that has been greatly affected by this market dip although prospects are still good. The cryptocurrency has been steadily gaining since despite its young nature within the crypto markets.

Just like most blockchain platforms, TRX is designed to enhance the efficiency of peer to peer interactions. The innovation was launched back in 2017 with an intention to utilize blockchain network within the entertainment arena. Users within this network can operate via smart contracts to get their desired outcomes. Blockchain Services offered in this platform are relatively easy to use allowing more content creators to publish their data with minimal regulations.

One of the most recent milestones in this project is the launch of TRON’s Mainnet ‘Odyssey 2.0’. However, the move did not surge TRX prices as anticipated by the crypto community which some analysts have attributed to the general market performance.

TRON has its wings spread in other areas apart from the entertainment industry. The coin has proven that it can qualify for a top 10 HODL given its popularity and listing in over 80 coin exchanges. TRX is currently a topic of discussion within the crypto investors’ community given the uncertainty and the fact that its price did not respond to the Mainnet launch as expected.

Why TRX is a good buy at the moment!

Most cryptocurrencies have been in the red zone for the last month with TRON making the list at -43%. Therefore, it is too early to make predictions on what effect the Mainnet will have on this project in general. Speculations within the market are that the coins will soon be on a bull run as we approach Q3. However, this can only be proven with time.

Some analysts are arguing that TRON’s Mainnet launch was simply a hype that did not yield as expected. This leads to the logic that a couple of HODLers have recently sold off their TRX assets due to the fear that the lack of price reaction to such a milestone could sound danger. Although there is some truth in the argument, TRON’s fundamental value remains undisputed which is why the coin will make a comeback.

Crypto enthusiasts have the perfect opportunity to jump into this investment at the moment when the coin is trading at only $0.041 according to coinmarketcap. This would be less risky than most cryptos due to TRON’s strong market cap presence placing it 10th right now. TRX has maintained an impressive financial value although the green zone has been evidently rare for the coin since April began. If the trend changes, TRX holders who join while the market is still red stand to gain the most value from such a decision.

In addition to under-pricing at the moment, TRON presents a good crypto HODL due to its favorability with coin exchanges and trading pairs. Updates within this community are active with the CEO, Justin Sun leading the team in platforms like twitter. TRX prospects in gaining traction and demand have been improving which makes it interesting to picture the project in Q4 of 2018.


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