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With the growing demand for open-source financial system in the market Stellar (XLM) seems to be the natural choice. The blockchain outfit facilitated a whole lot of digital asset transactions and has already attracted the attention of major financial institutions and Bitfinex has recently added its weight behind the coin.

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not for the feint hearted and a check is a must in order to understand what you are up against. Stellar is not an isolated coin and I have done the background check for you. This will help you understand why it is a coin worth holding or discarding.

What makes Stellar Stand Out from the Rest?

Stellar (XLM) transaction speeds are among the best in the crypto-sphere. Looking back one year ago, the platform has had tremendous improvements. This has seen the value of the coin skyrocket by over 2500% and still counting.

Stellar partnerships with the likes of IBM and the largest bank in India; ICICI has brought back the investor confidence and more are waiting for a chance to hop in. one advantage of the coin is its near zero cost of transactions.  Partners are looking for a coin that will help them make profits and give their consumers something to smile about.

The huge growth over a short period is one of the investor indicators of buying and holding. All the reputable partners on the platform portfolio are interested in gaining in the long term. Buying and holding means the coin scarcity will increase and so will its value.

Team behind Stellar Success

The success of Stellar (XLM) not only lies in the partnership but also the funding from Stripe. This has kept the community excited. However the platform solid performance is attributed to the founder, Jed McCaleb whose success stories in the cryptocurrency realm are well known.

Jed has been able to put together a strong team that is also passionate about the vision of the project. He has undertaken similar projects including eDonkey, a peer-to-peer music sharing outfit and he created Mt. Gox, the first Bitcoin exchange that at one point controlled 60% of BTC before heading to Ripple as a co-founder.

Stella Real World use Cases

In the current marketplace, any digital coin or token that does not have single real world use case is as good as dead. The consumer is looking for systems that solve their daily problems. Stellar complements the traditional banking systems by giving user quick access to their funds.

This is a decentralized system thus it has a global reach irrespective of how remote the user is located. With tradition banks, global appeal has not been possible with major banking outlets located in urban centers. With XLM, you only need a virtual wallet and a smartphone and you are good to send and receive funds.

More importantly, Stellar (XLM) is taking the leadership position when it comes to asset transactions. With the increasing XLM usage and high demand, the value of the coin will continue to rise and this is poised to move the coin from the current rank seven to the top 5 by market capitalization.

Stellar (XLM) Market Recap

The last 24 hours has seen XLM trade in the red after losing 2.62% to the UD+SD and 1.29% to BTC. However, the last 7 days have seen the coin make some gains against a skydiving market. Bitcoin seems to be the pacesetter in the market and when its price heads south, the ripple effect is being felt by other Altcoins and XLM is no exception.

With these simple facts, you now have a reason to add XLM in your investment portfolio. Buying and Hodling the coin is very ripe and if you are a speculator, this is a sure bet, with the market poised to hit the recovery route, boarding the platform before the take-off is a good decision.


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