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Bibox exchange is among the top 10 coin markets as of press date. This is among the factors that have helped this project to maintain its token Bibox Token (BIX) in the top 100 altcoins in market cap. As more crypto developments take place Bibox has not been left out with its most recent milestone being a partnership with Sentinel Protocol. The news hit the market barely two days ago and speculators within the Bibox community are hopeful the coin will dominate the green zone in the 2 quarters remaining in 2018.

Sentinel Protocol is a strategic partner for Bibox given their capabilities in enhancing security for blockchain platforms. The newly announced Sentinel Bibox partnership will improve the security of Bibox Exchange eventually. In order to achieve the targeted level of efficiency, Sentinel will offer their security layer for integration with the Bibox platform. Also, this agreement came as a boost to Sentinel Protocol whose native token ‘UPP’ will now be listed on the Bibox Exchange. Patrick Kim, Sentinel’s founder and CEO shared a few sentiments on this,

 “Exchanges are an important part of Sentinel Protocol’s security initiative,”  “With Bibox Exchange on board, our joint security force to fight against crypto-asset attacks will accelerate the expansion of a defense line to cooperate and collectively prevent the use of stolen cryptocurrencies.”

The cryptocurrency arena is relatively new to most people including those involved directly with the developments. Therefore, attackers have found ways to defraud crypto exchanges through hacking leading to loss of significant values of digital assets. Sentinel Protocol is a pioneer mover in trying to curb attack threats by sharing their security layer with a coin exchange like Bibox. The project enjoys support from a couple of influential players within the crypto space which makes its partnership with Bibox a good signal for BIX’s value in the near future.

Currently, Bibox Token (BIX) has a good reputation in terms of liquidity making it a favorite for some crypto traders. Mostly users enjoy the platforms ability to use AI as well as carry out encrypted digital asset transactions. This milestone is an opportunity for Bibox to step up security for its clients using the Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) provided by Sentinel Protocol. Basically, the TRDB combined with Artificial Intelligence will be used to detect threats which will be reviewed by incentivized security gurus ‘Sentinels’ as the crypto space works on standard policies for the industry.

BIX Price Analysis

Bibox Token (BIX) is just past the half year mark since the cryptocurrency’s ICO was launched. Things have not been bad for the token given its current market cap stands at $128 million while the traded volume in the last 24 hours is slightly over $60 million. Today one would have to part with approximately $1.23 to acquire one BIX token while BTC holders would only need 0.000182 of their BTC. BIX has been highly volatile in the past month with 44% volatility although crypto enthusiasts might argue it is the norm for digital currencies. As per now the coin’s highest mark is at $4.08 while its max growth in a day has hit a 120% which is quite prospectus for the project.


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