The IOStoken (IOST) innovation is one of the blockchain platforms with the idea of creating network where developers can build DApps. Its scalability in comparison to peer coins is admirable as well as the decentralized nature that allows for flexibility. This innovation is one of a kind in the blockchain era since it provides infinite opportunities for techies to build their applications. Just like most cryptocurrency projects, IOSToken aims at revolutionizing the crypto arena by facilitating the development of ideas on its platform.

The crypto coin for the IOStoken project ‘IOST’ has been performing well for quite a while. This has earned it a significant market cap which stands at $261 million as of press date. Given the history of assets within financial markets, it is likely that digital asset oriented investors will tend to gravitate towards the IOStoken project. Therefore, the project’s prospects and fundamental value make it a favorite for HODL investors in 2018.

IOStoken MainNet

Crypto projects were recently challenged by TRON which successfully released its long awaited mainnet. The IOStoken project is currently supported on the Ethereum network hence the IOST is operating as an ERC20 crypto right now. However, the team has signaled that its intention is to create their own mainnet eventually due to the pressure from competitors and the IOST community.

IOST had already launched a TestNet for this milestone although the release date for the Mainnet is quite far given the volatility levels in crypto. Initially, the release date had been scheduled for late 2019 but was recently reviewed. IOST realized the importance of having its own mainnet for survival purposes which made the team reschedule for Q4 of 2018.

SB Cloud Meeting

Crypto world has proven to be highly influenced by partnerships since the markets gained momentum. It is this reason that has pushed the likes of IOStoken (IOST) to make strategic moves for value addition purposes. The team recently met with SB Cloud, a Japan based company cofounded by Alibaba and Softbank, both of which are influential market players in the East. SB cloud aims at solving cloud computing issues for Japan based companies mostly.

The meeting was important for IOST as a project since in future they will be able to show their blockchain muscle on the cloud. Both of the aforementioned technologies are a hot thing in the financial and tech markets worldwide at the moment. This is why a company like Amazon Web Services recently launched a blockchain template on their cloud computing platform. It is expected that this innovation will make it easier for developers who prefer Ethereum or Linuz Hyperledger to create DApps on the network.

Generally, the IOStoken (IOST) project cannot be dismissed as a potential problem solver within the crypto space. This is because the blockchain project is time saving and relatively cheap in comparison to the current protocols being used for DApps. Additionally, IOST will reduce the waste related to new equipment due to its decentralized nature making shared ledgers more effective.


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