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Investing in digital coins can turn out tricky and a simple background check can save you a lot. Picking the best coin when you are presented with two options can be mind wrecking.   Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) are good projects and each has its own diehard fans and convincing them that one is better than the other is a hard nut to crack.

However, it can be helpful for those willing to invest on any digital coin to know what they are up against before they stake their hard earned cash. With allot of challenges in the market from the crypto-crash in January to-date, it is easy to look at XLM and XRP value indicators and how they have been able to wither the storm.

Addressing the Consumer Needs

With a competitive market and a new technology that people are just getting a grasp of, it is always discerning to get a product that you are comfortable with. A system that transforms your life and has real world use cases is ideal. However, the consumer demands are different and that is the point of diverse views and preferences.

Both Stellar and Ripple came into existence through the desire to provide superior solutions. Older outfits failed in some areas and this was an opportunity to offer better solutions based on past mistakes hence the birth of Altcoins of which XLM and XRP are in the category.

Stellar and Ripple Market Recap

Stellar (XLM) steady growth has been stellar and there is no doubt about it. This has pushed to be ranked 7th by market cap that stands at $4.29 billion and priced at $0.230722 against the dollar. Ripple (XRP) is in ranked 3rd with a market cap of 21.06billion which translates to the simple fact that XRP value is five times that of XLM and is trading at $0.536631 at the time of compiling this report.

For the last couple of months both coins have been struggling but their performance are distances apart. Stellar appears to have performed better after gaining 1.98% in the last 30 days and this translates to higher zone if spread over the last three months. XRP managed to pull gains of 0.88% and if you stretch this to three months, XRP performed marginally to XLM.

XLM and XRP Route to Market Outlook

There has been increased interest on the Stellar platform and this had brought back the investor confidence on the entire ecosystem. Stellar has been boosted by strategic partnerships that include Veridium Labs and IBM. The IBM and XLM deal is a good value proposition and is set to change how big investors view the Stellar network. This is a huge boost given the respect IBM attracts globally.

If the deal goes as per the plan, this will increase XLM adoption and get it to the global picture and a brand of repute. Stellar role in the IBM Carbon Credit Initiative can’t be wished away. The coin will be in control of the entire transaction process and a value spike is in the offing.

Ripple (XRP) on its part has embarked on a mission to put all major banking institutions under its wings. Rolling out is flagship products; xCurrent, xVia and xRapid are taking XRP the internet of value direction. This has been a god market entry strategy before the network got slapped by regulatory restrictions. This has slowed its traction progress that Stellar is riding on to give it an edge in the market.

Stellar Vs Ripple Governance

Getting listed of Ethereum Classic on Coinbase exchange has brought many questions on which coins are classified as securities and no-securities. Ripple was the right candidate for the listing but it never happened. Away from that; Stellar is a fully decentralized outfit and spiced by an open-source element and this could be a wining attribute when it come to investors who are getting crypto-aware every other day.

Ripple Lab control XRP and by the virtue that Ripple Lab is centralized there is a feeling that the digital coins is under locks. The community has denies this but the general public that provides the mass adoption pad is not sure thus draining the adoption pool. This has created a lot of mistrust on the investor side and might give Stellar (XLM) an upper hand in the adoption arena.

With Stellar is the total opposite of Ripple the coin; it is focusing on the market segment that is unbanked while XRP is tapping the banked market. With this strategy, it is easy to conclude Stellar is better than Ripple (XRP) at the time of writing.


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