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Since February, QTUM (QTUM) has been working behind the scenes to prepare for mass adoption. The partnership with two Chinese firms Qihu 360 and Baofeng who are major software development players is a clear indication of the blockchain intent to open doors for mass adoption.

QTUM has been hit by price fluctuations in the market and its repositioning is a bold move to wither the storm. Collaborating with established firms is one of the easiest ways to move the coin to gain global appeal and restore investor confidence. The partnership will woo more adopters into building dApps on QTUM.

QTUM Baofeng and Qihu 360 Partnerships

During the signing of the Baofeng deal, Patrick Dai, the QTUM Founder and CEO said:

“The timing is good to move from ‘proof of concept’ stage to maximization of useful applications.” He added that; Baofeng will help QTUM to deploy 50,000 full nodes in one or two years; they will start deploying all the QTUM full nodes in China. If the QTUM platform can have 50,000 full nodes, it will become the most decentralized platform, vis-à-vis Bitcoin that has about 10,000 full nodes, and Ethereum that has 20,000 full nodes. We are also working with Baofeng on copyright protection, and creating content distribution.”

Qihu 360 on its part is the best fit for QTUM and will offer the much needed security solutions before mass adoption. The software development firm has over 900million active users spread across the globe. This is a huge boost for the coin that will culminate in price growth and value addition. And Dai says:

“We have signed an MOU with them to build a blockchain research lab, create more diversified applications based on QTUM technology, and push the X86 Virtual Machine to be the industrial benchmark. We are also working together on distributed storage and decentralized computing and maximize the adoption of the technology and create more useful applications that can improve the society at large.”

QTUM (QTUM) Ultimate Goals

The ultimate QTUM goal is to tap into the potential of processes and businesses that are entering the crypto sphere. It is set revolutionize scalability and make blockchain relevant for modern business uptake. To achieve this goal, the platform is working on various features that will drive it and the coin price to the next phase.

For one, QTUM (QTUM) has fully become the better option to Ethereum smart contracts and the security that Bitcoin offers. The introduction of the state-of-the-art X86 VM will help it stand alone from using the Ethereum EVM.

With its native VM, it becomes easy for developers to onboard and create own dApps and get rewarded for their efforts. Soon the platform will become the largest “operating system” will enable users save on resources and space according to the co-founder, Jordan Earls.

Additional QTUM Mass Adoption Features

Introduced in the QTUM ecosystem is Qx, a feature that will aid in decentralized transactions and will work like a trading interface for a variety of QTUM digital assets. This feature will ride on the QDex, which will be the native exchange for fast QRC token conversions for a better user experience.

Last but not least, Qrypto, that draws its inspiration from Metamask, is the latest browser wallet management tool that will link the ecosystem to dApps. All these are major pain points that ail the crypto verse and if well executed, QTUM will become a global brand and a household name.

Although the coin is ranked 22 by market cap; it has been able to withstand the current market storm and trading in the green. QTUM price traction is about the ambitious plans being implemented and this will see increased investor confidence and eventual adoption

At the time of reporting, QTUM (QTUM) was trading at $8.24 after gaining 1.18% to the US dollar and a marginal 0.35% to BTC. This could translate into a near future breakout should institutional investors pump their capital in to digital currencies and assets in the coming months.


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