TRON (TRX) seems to have hit the ground running and is using its community as one of their choice route to the market.  The community has come up with smaller groups to increase the brand uptake, spur adoption, volumes and grow the TRX value.

The platform has taken the merchandising route through various branding on popular items like note books, toys and USB sticks. These are designed with a specialized TRON appeal and touch. This has proved very popular among the community and is also turning its adorers into adopters.

TRON (TRX) Adopting Xiaomi Business Model

TRON seems to be going the Xiaomi business model that uses visual and tangible merchandise that anyone can easily identify with. This will take the brand ownership to the world and have picked WeChat as part of their growing partnerships to make TRON a household name.

The TRON Xiaomi approach will see the blockchain outfit increase its reach through a multi-channel model. By increasing its merchandise portfolio, it will be easy to use TRX as the mode of payment and once this becomes popular, the coin market uptake will continue to grow.

The new TRON model is set to add value to the community and this will eventually translate into a vibrant ecosystem. The end goal for TRON is for the model to go viral riding on select but popular merchandise. They are banking on the ever growing TRON audience and the passionate community to get their brand to the masses.

What Makes TRON (TRX) Stand out from the Crowd

Many cryptocurrencies have almost similar architectural designs with the point of divergence being the route to the market. With the increased ban on crypto-advertising, TRON has come up with a new approach that does not require the services of traditional advertisers.

Through TRON small communities to push their brand in the market, an increase in WeChat sales is becoming noticeable since the run up to the mainnet launch and Independence Day celebrations. The momentum is set to continue until the launch of the TVM and the Tronic university July launch.

TRON is not new to merchandising and they once started with T-shirts with letters printed before shifting to their logo. The first T-shirts were not very good in terms of quality and have since been changed to premium ones and they now look trendy and match what the modern fashion enthusiast is looking for.

Focus has moved from T-shirts to other day-to-day used items like flash discs, notebooks and caps that are now resonating with the TRX and community culture. This seems to be what the fans have been waiting for if the volumes pushed through WeChat are anything to go by.

TRON (TRX) and the Social Media

Justin Sun has become addicted to social media and every small or big event in TRON is communicated through twitter and his following has been growing by leaps and bounds. This he bond as brought the community together and the community together and its audience seems to be jumping ship to become adopters and users.

By involving the community and the Supper Representatives, TRON stands out as a unique platform that does not just follow the blockchain norm. Its independence will change how people view the blockchain technology and start embracing TRX.

With so many events on the TRON ecosystem that culminated with the public block ushering in and token swapping, the TRX price appears to remain unmoved. In fact, the price has been dropping below the $0.06 support level to trade at a low of $0.039522 and showing marginal signs of revival after gaining 1.17% , a  24 hour trading surprise spike that the community has been yearning for in the last more than one month.


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