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Verge (XVG) seems to be taking their privacy capabilities to another level. This time, the privacy coin has ventured in to a market not many cryptocurrencies cannot dare stepping. Cannabis seeds have been banned in many countries across the globe but now you can easily use XVG coin to buy them comfortably.

With many digital currency platforms looking for specialty niches to extend their market reach and appeal, Verge has no problem. Few months ago, the coin ventured into the pornography industry through a partnership with PornHub which did not work out as planned. The coin is looking at mass adoption and not the route it follows to get there and cannabis seed buy option seems lucrative.

Verge (XVG) Specialty Market Entry

Due to its privacy nature, verge has announced to venture into a market that banks have never thought out due to government restrictions; buying cannabis seeds. Paying to access porn online has been a big deal but buying cannabis seeds is even huge. Spending on banned products in some quarters now becomes easy with a platform that blocks tracking of transactions.

The decision to add cannabis seed buy option could make or break Verge down in the middle. However, this is lust an option and you do not have to spend your XVG on the product; there are other options where one can use their digital coin. Those who do not advocate for the “plant or weed” should come into terms with a decentralized market place.

People have been using fiat to shop for cannabis seeds and XVG is not different. The only difference is that your purchase habits cannot be traced since the system shields you from getting traced. There are no itemized statements itemizing your daily or monthly purchases.

Verge (XVG) Anonymity Levels

Most cryptocurrencies have borrowed one major aspect from Bitcoin; anonymous transactions. However, this has proved to have some flaws hence the entry of Altcoins that provide privacy. ZCash, Monero and Verge are the players in the sector with each upping their game every other day.

Privacy coin transactions are hard to trace using the address function and this keeps their popularity on the rise. Although anonymity does not mean one is operating in the dark web, it might keep some adorers away from becoming adopters while it will entice others who have been stuck on how to buy the seeds to come onboard.

Verge (XVG) Cannabis Deal Reaction

Tweets from Royal Queen Seeds and the core team community manger, Mihael announcing the payment deal read:

Royal queen Seeds is a known cannabis vendor and is just a perfect match in the industry and this is set to woo mass adoption to join the privacy coin. However, CoinPayments is the firm being used by the two outfits to make the payments possible.

Verge (XVG) Price Performance at a Glance

Verge (XVG), just like other coins in the market has not been spared by the market slump and has been oscillating between the red and green trades. The coin however, has been growing in terms of market cap and is currently ranked 35.

At the time of filing this report, the XVG coin was trading on the green after little gains against the green buck of 0.79% to trade at $0.022434 and 1.08% to the Bitcoin. With the increased high partnerships, the coin stands a better change to surge past the elusive $1 should the market recover and institutional investors jump into the market.


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