Investors are taking the cryptocurrency hype to the next level; however, there are those who are in it body and soul and those in the wait and see cluster. Whichever side you are on, the technology behind it is here to stay. A visit by IOHK to Google office could yield more that what meets the eye for Cardano (ADA) and its fanatics.

The invitation saw the Cardanos’ Charles Hoskinson give a talk on Cardano and the future of digital coins. This was a huge step forward for the IOHK team as they took to the stand to articulate the goals and aspirations going to the future. Google users from the world had a rare chance to get in-depth insights about Cardano and cryptocurrencies in general.

Cardano (ADA) Global Interest growing

Google leadership in innovative tech is unquestionable and this gave Cardano, through Duncan Coutts, the Engineering Director to connect with the global audience and sell Cardano. The meeting was took place at Google’s head office in London a month ago.

The audience focal area was the network development, current achievements and future goals. Of interest to the global audience were the consensus protocol, the Ouroboros and how it works. According to Charles, the system uses staking to woo more users to join and help the system run effectively.

The team spoke of the upcoming test network set for July. This is open to developers who would like to take part in its smart contract trials on the newly introduced IELE VM. The team also hinted that a full decentralization will be achieved towards the end of the year. This is in line with Shelley development phase.

IOHK Google Visit Issues Discussed

On Ouroboros and staking, the audience sought to know whether Cardano has enough tokens for ore users to join the outfit and help run the system and Charles said that the platform has a ceiling of 45billlion tokens with a 26billion in circulation which gives the platform to cushion users against inflation.

On milestones and what the project projections are, the CEO advised the audience to visit the for in-depth analysis of the entire project, what has been achieved what the team is working on and what to expect in the coming months. However, Shelley and testnet are in the pipeline.

The platform will soon separate computation and accounting to allow users to spend their coins without any hiccups. This will also help the system move from the Ethereum Monolithic state to a more compartmental outfit.

Cardano Overcoming Ethereum Advantage

The IOHK team argued that Ethereum has limitation of the languages but runs a viral application while Cardano is has a better model based on the consensus protocol and majority of their apps are not running on smart contracts giving the system an edge over Ethereum.

People are moving from smart contracts and this is the direction Cardano is taking going forward. Cardano in the real sense is improving on the Ethereum ecosystem and has a better value proposition for developers looking for a platform that offers more freedom on the apps one can create.

The team also added that they are taking privacy from the primitive Monero model to a higher level in terms of link ability. The privacy levels on ADA are aimed at the coin getting listed on the Japanese exchanges which is a top priority.

The Google visit is a seen as a major boost for Cardano and users and enthusiasts know what the platform is all about and its goals in the future. This is set to open the floodgates for more adoption and more developers coming onboard to make the entire system the brand choice for app development which will unlock the value of the coin.


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