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Verge (XVG) has been hitting the headlines lately but for a good reason and investors seems to be happy about the direction the network is taking. The coin came into the lime light after its partnership with the unlikely strategic outfit; Pornhub. This is a hardcore porn site which is the brainchild of MindGeek.

PornHub has a host of sites that are visited by over 115million subscribers on a daily basis. Adult entertainment has been gaining popularity over the years and the entry of the blockchain technology has made visiting and paying for these sites have become private secure and cheaper. With Verge riding on this popularity, the sky can only be the limit.

Verge (XVG) Market Repositioning

With the crypto market going through its darkest moment after the January-December boom. Verge has not been sitting on its laurels hoping the market will be back on its feet. The entry into the porn industry has opened new opportunities; something that the crypto verse has not been expecting.

Big and small investors have seen what the ecosystem has on offer. The current partnerships have been drawn to Verge due to XVG usability.  At the moment more businesses are now accepting XVG compared to the period before the PornHub. It is not long before you see a “We Accept XVG” sign at your popular outlet soon.

Verge Sensitivity to Consumer Demands

The team behind Verge has maintained its relevance by altering their roadmap to accommodate the ever changing consumer demands. The release of the XVG Core Wallet 4.0 is one of the features that coin stands to thank after its launch earlier in the year. This is a simple but powerful tool that comes with stealth dresses as an option.

Verge has taken a new route to the market by introducing the merchandising concept. Their Online Merchandise Store online is almost complete and this will give users access to items branded with the XVG themes. This is a new market strategy in the crypto verse and aimed at making Verge a global and household brand name.

In the coming days, Verge is in the verge of introducing the XVGui miner into the market. This will be Windows supported for a start and the process is nearing completion. This has also seen the platform review it’s codebase to be at par with that of major coins like Bitcoin.

Verge Taking Privacy and Security Seriously

Verge is in the verge of introducing confidentiality on its platform and this will give Monero a run for its money. The introduction of Ring Confidential Transactions (RingCT) will offer the state of the art masking capabilities to Verge. The transformation is almost 50% done and once complete; the platform will offer high level ring signatures.

Verge is also working on RSK Smart contract deployment and the process is over 40% complete and this will accommodate a Verge virtual machine version. This will offer approximately 300 transactions every one second translating into payment confirmations in under 20 seconds.

Last but not least, Verge is about to launch its native 12P Android wallet. This however will be made public next year but it will be running on 12P network. This will be a very reliable system with enhanced privacy capabilities, secure and ability to communicate over the traditional internet.

With the amide roadmap, Verge and investors will have to wait a bit longer to enjoy the fruits. However, this has not translated to better price offering in the market, once the market improves, a breakout for XVG seems very possible.


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