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On May 14th, Google executives and IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) executives led by their CEO, Charles Honkinson met at Google offices in London. Google called the IOHK team to their offices in a bid to get further clarification on Cardano and the token, ADA. This represented no mean feat as the Cardano team offered answers that would make any Cardano believer proud.

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IOHK visit to Google offices in London was successful to say the least as the two companies held a discussion on the overall future developments on the blockchain. Charles Honkinson, the founder of Cardano project was at the forefront to give detailed answers to the Google executives. Cardano has long been known as a third generational blockchain (Blockchain 3.0) that solves challenges facing the previous generations such as Ethereum, Monero, and ZCash. Of the questions asked by the Google team members, the overall answers given by Charles and other Cardano representatives showed the superiority of the coin to the overall

Just as the internet revolution age brought with it a ton of ‘useless’ vaporware products that finally collapsed, so is the current cryptocurrency sphere. Cardano aims to be the remaining coin once the ash settles just as YouTube, Google, Facebook etc. survived. However, the cryptocurrency world doesn’t employ a winner takes all effect as blockchains offer expansive solutions. It is a case of which blockchain offers the best solutions to its users. Cardano does.

Charles explains Cardano vs Ethereum

For any and every new smart contract coming into the fray, topping Ethereum is key to ensure rapid development and increase in users of the platform. Cardano (ADA) has long being playing second fiddle to Ethereum as the world’s best smart contract platform. As the first developed smart contract, Ethereum has enjoyed the first mover advantages as ‘developers’ choose the platform to develop their decentralized applications (dApps). However, Ethereum has faced continued scalability, slow transactions and difficulty in coding as persistent problems affecting the pioneer smart contract platform. The latter was a case of interest during the discussion in London.

When asked by Google executives on how Cardano aims to overpower Ethereum, Charles shared the difficulty associated with Solidity as the programming language of Ethereum. Cardano (ADA) on its part is backward-compatible allowing developers to use Java, C++. Solidity and many more programing languages to create their dApps.

“I treat a smart contract as a computational service. So it’s silly to say, ‘Oh well, only one platform and one token’s won’. Rather, I have to ask, what’s the cheapest, best, most secure environment for me to run my computation in for my users? Our strategy is be backwards compatible, support more languages, especially mainstream languages in a better way, have a better user and developer experience, and be smarter about the ecosystem in which these contracts live.”

– Charles Honkinson


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